Sunday, November 06, 2011

A little, more like right on time :)

I kind of took a blog 'hiatus' there for a little while, sorry. That was unintentional! The problem for me at this time of the year is that my mind starts going about 100 miles per hour. I've got ideas going through my mind of Christmas gifts I want to make with the kids, new recipes we're going to try, how we're going to get the whole family together at some point since we don't have my mom here to help this year, how I'm going to make my home a beautiful, cozy place to be in December, ideas swarming in my head of new Advent possibilities and how we're going to make this year special for our family....keeping up my dear Mom's love of the season.

But, let me clarify. Have you ever seen the movie Christmas with the Kranks?

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It's one of my favorite movies ever! I think it's all because of the scene where Tim Allen tries to eat a spoonful of canned peaches after receiving a Botox injection. Cracks me up every time, I'm telling you. But, I degress, as normal. My real point in this story is to tell you that our Holy season is NOT like that. All the ideas and inspirations running around in my head are GOOD things. We're not running around the week before Christmas, searching for the perfect Honey-baked ham for Christmas Eve dinner or suddenly rushing out because we forgot to buy a gift for somebody.

No, I love this time of year. The joy, the ideas, the inspirations I have swimming in my head are not because I'm going to make it crazy around's an inbred thing from my childhood. Christmas was a beautiful time at our house growing up. We managed to avoid the craziness of the holiday season and instead, I remember nights around the Advent candles, mom peeling orange after orange, roasted potatoes in the oven after a night of Christmas get the idea.

And, I want to keep the beauty of it alive for my family. I want them to look back over this time, and the memories that they get will be of beauty, peace, love, joy, etc. Not of WalMart lines, crazy schedules and night after night of being up way too late. In just a few short weeks, we're going to celebrate Thanksgiving....and then Advent starts....what are YOU doing to find the joy this Holy Season?

Look below for some inspirations....

Need some fresh ideas for your Advent Season? Our family will be enjoying this beautiful idea from Ann VosKamp at 'A Holy Experience. Joel made one of these awesome Advent wreaths for our family this year :)

 Doesn't this picture make you feel just inspired? No, I didn't take it :) My decorating ideas stop at a candle and a table cloth :) No, I'm of the belief that some of the greatest ideas in life are ones that are borrowed from those much wiser and talented  :) But I'd LOVE to do more stuff like this this December. This came from Julie Mulligan at floral lifestyle.

Finally, looking for delicious food ideas? (Aren't you glad I didn't say 'yummy'? Yeah, I suppressed the Mommy in me.) Look no further than Our Best Bites. I've never been disappointed with a recipe from them, never. In fact, they had our caramel apple recipe from my last post :)

And that, my friends, is my re-entrance into blogging and inspirations for this soon-to-be Holy Season. Remember----don't stress!! It's not worth it. Years from now, you won't remember the stress (hopefully), but you WILL remember the joy of this time of year. Start a new Adven tradition with your family....invite a widowed neighbor over for your Thanksgiving meal......go Christmas Caroling...spread the  'Good news of great joy!'

(Hey, if I waited until December to remind you, you might not have had time to dump the stress and pick up the joy :)

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