Thursday, October 27, 2011

The mind of a three year old

We were sitting at the lunch table today when Eli looked at me and said "Mom, is the baby kicking right now?"  I informed him that no, the baby was not kicking. He then said "Well, if he starts kicking, let me know, 'cause I want to feel him!"

I assured him that I would certainly let him know if the baby started kicking. Then, I said this:

"But sweetie, you probably won't get to feel him kicking until after dinner tonight---he often sleeps alot during the afternoon."

As soon as I said this, Noah, who was also sitting right there, literally cracked up. He started to laugh this big, deep belly laugh, and threw his head back, looking simply delighted.

"The baby SLEEPS in your TUMMY, Mommy??!!!"

Oh, so that's what he found so funny. I suddenly had a cute picture in my mind of what Noah must be envisioning right then---a little tiny baby, wrapped up in a blanket, snuggled in a crib, asleep in his Mommy's tummy.

"Well, yeah, Bud. The baby sleeps and wakes up and kicks and sucks his thumb---all kinds of stuff!"

Noah: "Does he WALK in there, Mommy??"


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