Thursday, October 13, 2011

It is a fact.....

(following the 'It is a fact' blogging form from other blogs I've seen recently...)

.....that I love having lunch ready before lunch time. I've tried new recipes lately that allow me to make a big bowl of something in the wee morning hours, send part of it in Joel's lunch, and the kids and I eat the other part for lunch. We sent easy beef bolognese in Joel's lunch box yesterday.Today we're finishing off the rest of the cous-cous salad that I sent with him. I love a big bowl of egg salad or tuna salad ready to go at lunch time as well. Kill two birds with one stone, that's what I say.

.....that my house has not been as clean since I've been pregnant. It just hasn't. I've been following my mother's old advice of 'Fool the guest' to make it presentable for Bible Studies and such. In other words, pick up the toys, make sure your dishes are done and put away, make sure there's soap and clean hand towels in the bathrooms, and vacuum any major rug areas. Your guests will never know that you haven't mopped your floors in too long, or that scrubbing all the wooden slats on your window blinds is just an impossible dream. I'm proud to say that I've been keeping my house 'Fool the guests (and husband) clean' lately, and any other deep-cleaning just isn't important right now :)

....there are now 12 half gallons of our absolute favorite apple cider frozen in my freezer, just waiting occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, a major snow-storm, a 'just because it's cold and cozy' type of night...yeah, we LOVE apple cider

....I miss my mom. A lot.

.......that I officially begin my very last year of my 'twenties' next week. I thought I would be sad......but I'm not---at least, not yet :)

........that we will (hopefully) find out what this baby is in less than two weeks time! Which way will our family tip----pink bows and frilly ballet tutus, or legos and scuffed up knees? Hope to be able to tell you all on the 26th!

....that babies have an un-natural attraction to tubes of desitin. Leave one within arms reach, and your 17 month old WILL find it and either try to eat it or rub it all over their face.

........that homemade bread is just WAY better than store-bought bread, and totally worth the extra effort..... , ....that my computer crashed todaye and finish ing this from joels phone is really tricky! I eill posth again when I have a new laptop!


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Chuck said...

"fool the guests" is lovely advice from a lovely woman


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