Monday, October 31, 2011

You WILL be hungry......

It started out looking like this....





And ended up looking something like this.....


And tasting something like these! :)



Caramel apple recipe can be found here on Our Best Bites

(Disclaimer: Yes, yes, of course we eat fruits and veggies in our house...and lean means.....and brown rice and barley soup and flax seed and all that other great stuff. But seriously, who wants to see me do a post about instant vs. long grain rice? Yeah, that's what I thought......

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The mind of a three year old

We were sitting at the lunch table today when Eli looked at me and said "Mom, is the baby kicking right now?"  I informed him that no, the baby was not kicking. He then said "Well, if he starts kicking, let me know, 'cause I want to feel him!"

I assured him that I would certainly let him know if the baby started kicking. Then, I said this:

"But sweetie, you probably won't get to feel him kicking until after dinner tonight---he often sleeps alot during the afternoon."

As soon as I said this, Noah, who was also sitting right there, literally cracked up. He started to laugh this big, deep belly laugh, and threw his head back, looking simply delighted.

"The baby SLEEPS in your TUMMY, Mommy??!!!"

Oh, so that's what he found so funny. I suddenly had a cute picture in my mind of what Noah must be envisioning right then---a little tiny baby, wrapped up in a blanket, snuggled in a crib, asleep in his Mommy's tummy.

"Well, yeah, Bud. The baby sleeps and wakes up and kicks and sucks his thumb---all kinds of stuff!"

Noah: "Does he WALK in there, Mommy??"


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Seeing BLUE!!

legos...scraped heros...We are thrilled to be having another sweet boy to raise for the Lord!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Take a guess....

If you've been following me now for all five years of blogging, you had to have known that it was coming. After waiting with me through the excitement of the last two had to have known that I love 'baby polls'---you know, as in, 'Girl or boy?'

This next baby is going to be a tie-breaker for our family. Are we going to be out-numbered by girls or boys? Which do I have to look forward to--a household dominated more by the noisy, rowdy boy, or the giggly, silly girl? (No, I'm not stereo-typing---I'm just telling it like it really IS in my house :)

We're hopefully going to find out next Wednesday, the 26th. Five days from now, I should know whether this little one I carry is a boy or a girl, and I'm like a child waiting for Christmas right now. Wednesday can't come soon enough! Then, maybe Joel and I will finally be motivated to start thinking about names!

So join in my fun (or at least make it even more exciting for me!) and make your guess on the poll at the top right-hand corner of my page.

Boy or Girl.......What do YOU think??

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Snapshots of a fall school morning

Cosette practices violin while Eli does his schoolwork

Noah's 'school'





Recess!! ;)

See the 'stick' in the left hand side of the photo? That's actually our future awesome pecan tree :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wise Words

Our family attended the viewing and funeral for Joel's Great-uncle who passed away last week. He was 91!! Isn't that a wonderful old age?! I was wonderfully impressed with what an inspiring legacy he leaves behind---God-fearing children, grand-children, great-grand children, nieces, nephews, etc. He was one of those people that I regretted not having had the chance to meet in this life-time.

As we were standing waiting to go into the viewing on Friday evening, an older gentleman that we know stopped to talk to us. He was trying to sort out and remember just who Joel was, and how he was related, and which one of Dale and Rhoda's sons he was, etc. As we talked, he was admiring our family and enjoying the non-stop conversation that our kiddos were providing him with. Then, he looked at me, and said one simple thought that will stick with me for a long time.

"Enjoy them while you have them. They grow up so fast! You won't have 'em forever, you know!"

So often, I live my life like I WILL have my children little and with me forever. But I know I won't. They will grow and get older and eventually leave my nest. I have only a few short years with them this little, when Noah still loves snuggling in bed with me in the morning, when Leanna will bury her head in my shoulder for comfort, when Eli will still give me a goodnight kiss, and I'm still 'Mama' to Cosette. One day, my big, strapping young men will come walking in my kitchen door with a beautiful wife of their own and say "Hey Mom, what was that recipe you used to make? I was telling my wife about it and how good it was---could you teach her how to make it?" (I know this for a fact, because the exact same conversation has occurred between my own husband and his mother ;) I'll look at my tall sons, taller than me, and wonder where my little boys went.

So, for now, my house may not be perfect. I stay home more instead of saying 'yes' to lots of social activities, responsibilities and whatnot. Because, you see, my babies will only be little for a very short time. I won't have them 'mine' forever. This is my chance to mold them, teach them, train them, educate them, and steal about 200 kisses each day. I may fail at having a perfectly clean house, there are far fewer piano students walking through my doors than I'd dream of, becoming a gourmet chef and attending cooking school will probably just remain a fun, far-off dream---but I WILL not mess up with my children. I will live every day realizing that it is one less day that I now have with them as babies and small children. I will NOT look back with regret.

Whether you're a working parent, or a stay at home mom; whether you home-school your kids, or send them to public or private school; whether you live on a farm or in a big city; whether you eat gourmet from-scratch cooking each night or enjoy the convenient frozen pizza; whether your income is quite-sufficient, or sometimes quite lacking, the charge remains the same: Love those kids like there's no tomorrow!!

Can I hear an 'Amen', Moms and Dads??

Thursday, October 13, 2011

It is a fact.....

(following the 'It is a fact' blogging form from other blogs I've seen recently...)

.....that I love having lunch ready before lunch time. I've tried new recipes lately that allow me to make a big bowl of something in the wee morning hours, send part of it in Joel's lunch, and the kids and I eat the other part for lunch. We sent easy beef bolognese in Joel's lunch box yesterday.Today we're finishing off the rest of the cous-cous salad that I sent with him. I love a big bowl of egg salad or tuna salad ready to go at lunch time as well. Kill two birds with one stone, that's what I say.

.....that my house has not been as clean since I've been pregnant. It just hasn't. I've been following my mother's old advice of 'Fool the guest' to make it presentable for Bible Studies and such. In other words, pick up the toys, make sure your dishes are done and put away, make sure there's soap and clean hand towels in the bathrooms, and vacuum any major rug areas. Your guests will never know that you haven't mopped your floors in too long, or that scrubbing all the wooden slats on your window blinds is just an impossible dream. I'm proud to say that I've been keeping my house 'Fool the guests (and husband) clean' lately, and any other deep-cleaning just isn't important right now :)

....there are now 12 half gallons of our absolute favorite apple cider frozen in my freezer, just waiting occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, a major snow-storm, a 'just because it's cold and cozy' type of night...yeah, we LOVE apple cider

....I miss my mom. A lot.

.......that I officially begin my very last year of my 'twenties' next week. I thought I would be sad......but I'm not---at least, not yet :)

........that we will (hopefully) find out what this baby is in less than two weeks time! Which way will our family tip----pink bows and frilly ballet tutus, or legos and scuffed up knees? Hope to be able to tell you all on the 26th!

....that babies have an un-natural attraction to tubes of desitin. Leave one within arms reach, and your 17 month old WILL find it and either try to eat it or rub it all over their face.

........that homemade bread is just WAY better than store-bought bread, and totally worth the extra effort..... , ....that my computer crashed todaye and finish ing this from joels phone is really tricky! I eill posth again when I have a new laptop!


Saturday, October 08, 2011

Fall is here (or, "Why hello, pumpkin bread!")

Today, fall started around here. Oh, I know, fall actually officially starts on Sept. 21. But for me, the 'true' beginning of fall has always been marked by the fall festival that is held close to our house. The smell of apple cider, the beautiful leaves, the forest trail, seeing lots of people you just shouts 'Fall is here', you know? I usually go home and feel compelled to bake something with pumpkin :)

Well, today, the whole family (including Joel), took the day off from our work and chores and grass mowing, etc, and spent the afternoon together at the festival. Here are a few high-lights:

Watching the husker shredder

A real indian wig-wam. This indian's very authentic clothing always makes me nervous :/

We watched the log splitters

Joel took the kids on a hay ride (Not sure why Joel looks tipsy in this picture---the worst he'd had to drink all day was a coffee :)

My beautiful family, waiting in line for the hay ride. When I told Eli that I didn't know he was going to be a cowboy today, he said "Mom, I'm going to be a cowboy EVERY day!"

Cosette loved watching the real artisans at work.

Noah and Eli got to make their own clay creature.

Okay, now, on to the best part.....the FOOD ;) I didn't even get pictures of MY favorties, like the apple butter bread, the homemade beef vegetable soup, or the cheddar cheese fries. But here's Noah eating a hot dog. When the yellow jackets tried to get a bite of his hotdog, he said "Mom, let's go home and eat!"

Funnel cake

And we even stole licks of our sister and brother's gigantic lollipops.

Then, all tuckered out, everybody came home to take naps, after which we ate a LOT of vegetables for dinner ;)

Friday, October 07, 2011

Catchable moments

Just some 'must catch' moments around here.

I heard......'quiet' in the living room, and had to check it out. Always a happy thing to find two siblings playing nicely together!

Noah always wants to be included in the daily chore assignments---he loves to be allowed to run the vacuum cleaner all by himself!


My floors have never been so clean! ;)

And this? Well, this was one of Noah's 'less fine' moments. He ate the tops off of three pumpkin-chocolate chip bars that I was saving for dessert. Um....enough said there....

Eli's successful science experiment! Bean plants grown between two wet paper towels.

Oh, and if this isn't a 'catchable moment', I don't know what else is. Sunset from the beach a few weeks ago :)

Wednesday, October 05, 2011


I would love to stay up late right now and post about something inspiring, something intelligent, something even, say, just.....interesting.

But this pregnancy is draining me. Between taking care of the four other little ones, homeschooling the older two (takes up my whole morning), and just plain being pregnant, I've felt myself quite lacking of any real energy lately.

In fact, the other day, I sat down on the couch for a few minutes while the kids were napping, and woke up a bit later to find that I had fallen asleep while sitting straight up. My head wasn't even tilted any----just straight ahead, I was sound asleep.

Today, I sat down at the counter to read my Bible for a while, and got so sleepy that I literally laid my head down on the counter and took a nap for a 1/2 hour!

I remember those early days of my first pregnancy, when there was no baby napping in my room during the afternoon, and I could actually take a rest in my own bed, instead of with my head on the hard counter.....ahh, those were the days!

All that to say-----I'll do a real post later! Right now, it's early to bed for me----hopefully I can keep my eyes open long enough tomorrow to get some of my tulip bulbs planted :)

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Our life

We've been waiting for something in the mail now for about a week and a half. Take a look at my pictures and see if you can guess what it was.



Yeah, I'd say my boys were really in need of those new hair-trimmers, what do you think?

In addition to getting hair-cuts in the garage today, we also enjoyed some much cooler weather here and made sweet rolls! I tried a new recipe, and was really pleased with how they turned out. They don't have any yeast in them, so they didn't require any rising time---they only took like 20 minutes to get in the oven, whereas regular cinnamon rolls often take up to an hour to rise.They were also much more ooey and gooey than any other yeast rolls I'd tried. Yum!

We also finally got Leanna's one year pictures hung. What do you think of my 'Leanna wall'? :) Some good friends of ours who have a photography business took these photos for me, and I was SO pleased with the result.


And finally, have you ever wondered what the proper care of a baby looks like? Well, watch this video of Leanna and her baby doll to find out. Apparently, you let the baby have a tiny taste of milk while you sing a quick song, then try some of the milk for yourself, then throw your baby on the floor and leave it to fend for itself ;)


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