Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This and that, catching up

Sorry for the long wait between posts! Our family was at the beach on vacation last week, and I was too busy swimming and enjoying the sunshine to do any real blogging :) Joel's whole family went down together (minus one brother and his family who couldn't make it), so that made 22 of us---11 kids, and 11 adults! A full, but happy house. Like I said, we had a blast together, enjoyed the 85 degree weather....

and then came home to fall :(  :) I have mixed feelings on the matter, haha :) However, I decided yesterday to just embrace the season in all it's coziness....and of course ended up in the kitchen.

I made creamed tuna and peas over toast for dinner. This is a serious 'comfort' food for me. My mom used to make it frequently, and it was always one of my favorites. And, peas being one of my least favorite vegetables, I find that it makes them a whole lot more tolerable!


Looks like somebody else enjoyed it too :)

I've been trying to find fairly simple things that Cosette can do 'all by herself' in the kitchen. She likes to make our salads for dinner, or sandwiches for lunch. Here she is trying her hand at dessert. She made chocolate pudding with oreos and whipped cream all by herself---I see a future chef :)



"Hmmm....let me try this....."

"Um, yep, that's good stuff!!"

On a closing note, I thought I'd share a tip with you all that we recently discovered. It came about because the CD player in our van broke. I was flipping through radio stations trying to find one to listen to one day, and came across a great classical music station. Now, my kids love listening to the music and trying to identify the different instruments. "I hear a cello!" "Is that the flute, Mom?" Great music training for them! We discovered on the way to and from the beach that it also works wonders at putting cranky babies right to sleep. Leanna would be fussing and irritable, and almost as soon as we turned on some soft instrumental music, her little eye-lids would start to droop and she'd soon be out of it. :)

Last tip, I promise. It's another 'car game'  My kids love to have spelling bees in the van. I'll pick words that I know are appropriate for their spelling level, and call them out to them, one person at a time. Then THEY like to think up the hardest words they can and see if I can spell them :)

And I think that's the end of my 'keep your kids happy and well-educated in the car' tips :) Have a great Tuesday, folks!

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