Monday, September 26, 2011


  • I've felt the baby move for the first time the past couple of days. It's amazing, even the fifth time around. I'm still getting my brain wrapped around the idea of having another one in six short months. I know that when he/she gets here, it'll feel like our family was never complete before!

  • Noah is talking a good bit better these days....I finally found a pharmacy that would give the flu shot to a pregnant woman (long story!!).....I love to hear Cosette practicing her violin each morning while Eli does his schoolwork.....the trees up and down our street are turning a beautiful orange color, and I love it.....Beachy's delicious apple-cider will be ready in a few short weeks, and I plan on stuffing our freezer so we can have a jug like every week this winter.....I made cinnamon swirl bread and we devoured an entire loaf in one sitting....we're hoping to find out what this baby is in just a short month or so......and the list goes on.

So that's it. Just wanted to let you know that I'm here, loving life, hoping to get some pictures posted soon :)

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