Thursday, September 29, 2011

Steamed, Poached, Fried, Boiled, Scrambled...How do you like YOUR eggs?

With Cosette, it was chocolate cake. I even sent Joel out to the store late one night for a chocolate cake mix because I was too tired to make one, but I HAD to have a slice---with nice thick frosting.

With Eli----Sorry, I don't remember.

With Noah---I developed a sudden and strong desire for olives that Thanksgiving, which is weird, because I never liked olives before that.

With Leanna---Graham Crackers with peanut butter and chocolate chips. I would consume, like, three or four whole graham crackers smeared with peanut butter every single afternoon. It's a wonder she wasn't born looking like one.

Now, with Baby number five---- Over medium eggs (steamed, NOT fried), with a slice of homemade bread and lots of butter. I have consumed more over-medium eggs in the past week than in a very long time. Which is also weird, because the thought of under-cooked eggs always disgusted me. You know, the whole "What if I get salmonella?" thing. And I'm still slightly concerned about that.....but one night, out of the blue, for no reason at all, an over-medium, slightly 'dippy' egg started calling my name, and that was it. I'm sunk. I eat them in the morning. I eat them at ten at night. I crave them in the afternoons, but usually use a little will-power then. Yesterday, I went shopping. I bought five dozen eggs. Yeah, FIVE dozen.

But seriously, I've been limiting myself to no more than one egg a day---and a little extra protein is good for me right now, right? :)

Fortunately, I've always had good cholesterol---and nice low blood pressure. Actually, it's been really low this time around--- 100/68 is an average. Maybe that's why I'm craving eggs :)

Monday, September 26, 2011


  • I've felt the baby move for the first time the past couple of days. It's amazing, even the fifth time around. I'm still getting my brain wrapped around the idea of having another one in six short months. I know that when he/she gets here, it'll feel like our family was never complete before!

  • Noah is talking a good bit better these days....I finally found a pharmacy that would give the flu shot to a pregnant woman (long story!!).....I love to hear Cosette practicing her violin each morning while Eli does his schoolwork.....the trees up and down our street are turning a beautiful orange color, and I love it.....Beachy's delicious apple-cider will be ready in a few short weeks, and I plan on stuffing our freezer so we can have a jug like every week this winter.....I made cinnamon swirl bread and we devoured an entire loaf in one sitting....we're hoping to find out what this baby is in just a short month or so......and the list goes on.

So that's it. Just wanted to let you know that I'm here, loving life, hoping to get some pictures posted soon :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Opening back up

Yes, I have changed my blog music. Some of you may remember that I had that one particular song playing for the past year in honor of my Mom. So, you're askin: "Are you done grieving or something?" I will never, ever be done grieving. For the rest of my life, I will also grieve that my mom is not here with me. There will probably never be a day that passes that I don't miss her and mourn the loss of her. But, a year has passed. And God has been speaking to my heart.

Not so much to 'move on'.....but to open up. To open my eyes and see that there are others suffering just as much and more around me every day.

A family in our community lost their husband/father this week. I never met him, but I feel and understand their loss. And I realize how blessed me and my siblings were to have our mom with us for all of our 'growing up' years.

A relative of Joel's is going through the trials of having a child with congenital heart defects. Nerve-wracking and stressful, and yet they are dealing with it with grace and understanding.

There are couples out there with empty arms, while I enjoy the hugs of my children each and every day.

So, you matter what your situation in life, there is almost always someone else who is going through something similar, who understands how you feel. And I want my eyes and my heart to be open to those who are suffering.

My grieving is not over....but my heart is slowly opening back up to those who also need a hug, a word of encouragement, or just a simple prayer.

One of my new song choices says "Everyone needs compassion..." How true. May at least some of that compassion come from me....

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This and that, catching up

Sorry for the long wait between posts! Our family was at the beach on vacation last week, and I was too busy swimming and enjoying the sunshine to do any real blogging :) Joel's whole family went down together (minus one brother and his family who couldn't make it), so that made 22 of us---11 kids, and 11 adults! A full, but happy house. Like I said, we had a blast together, enjoyed the 85 degree weather....

and then came home to fall :(  :) I have mixed feelings on the matter, haha :) However, I decided yesterday to just embrace the season in all it's coziness....and of course ended up in the kitchen.

I made creamed tuna and peas over toast for dinner. This is a serious 'comfort' food for me. My mom used to make it frequently, and it was always one of my favorites. And, peas being one of my least favorite vegetables, I find that it makes them a whole lot more tolerable!


Looks like somebody else enjoyed it too :)

I've been trying to find fairly simple things that Cosette can do 'all by herself' in the kitchen. She likes to make our salads for dinner, or sandwiches for lunch. Here she is trying her hand at dessert. She made chocolate pudding with oreos and whipped cream all by herself---I see a future chef :)



"Hmmm....let me try this....."

"Um, yep, that's good stuff!!"

On a closing note, I thought I'd share a tip with you all that we recently discovered. It came about because the CD player in our van broke. I was flipping through radio stations trying to find one to listen to one day, and came across a great classical music station. Now, my kids love listening to the music and trying to identify the different instruments. "I hear a cello!" "Is that the flute, Mom?" Great music training for them! We discovered on the way to and from the beach that it also works wonders at putting cranky babies right to sleep. Leanna would be fussing and irritable, and almost as soon as we turned on some soft instrumental music, her little eye-lids would start to droop and she'd soon be out of it. :)

Last tip, I promise. It's another 'car game'  My kids love to have spelling bees in the van. I'll pick words that I know are appropriate for their spelling level, and call them out to them, one person at a time. Then THEY like to think up the hardest words they can and see if I can spell them :)

And I think that's the end of my 'keep your kids happy and well-educated in the car' tips :) Have a great Tuesday, folks!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Still here

Hello, faithful blog readers. Don't worry, I haven't suddenly given up on writing here or anything! Believe me, it would take quite a bit for me to give up this little space of mine on the web. I've just been too busy with life-happenings to think of anything creative to say on here. I hope to be back the beginning of next week sometime with a real post, so don't give up on me yet, and stay tuned.... :)

Friday, September 09, 2011

A typical school day

One of the nice things about homeschooling is that, since you're working one on one with your own child, their work can get done a good bit faster than if they were in a traditional classroom setting. By common sense, it takes more time to teach 20 students their multiplication tables than it does to teach just one student :)

So, we normally begin our school day after breakfast at 8:00 in the living room with Bible time. We spend 10 or 15 minutes on that, and then it's off to the school room.

Eli is first grade, and I always do his work with him first, while Cosette works on her Spanish, which she does on her own (an online course) Eli's work doesn't take long---an hour, maybe an hour and a half. Then, Cosette and I do her work....more like 2-2.5 hours. So, starting at 8.....say 3.5 hours of school for me, does take up my whole morning.

So, you're asking.....what does my three year old do during the whole morning? Well, he does do a lot of playing, looking at books, building legos, making messes, etc. But, sometimes, he informs me that he wants to 'do 'chool too, Mommy!' Then, I find something for him to work on.

Like this. We call it, um.....'Green', by Noah :)


Lots of times, he asks to get out his 'shapes'



Today, he made this. I call it 'Learning fine motor skills, colors, and shape recognition. He just called it 'My man' :)


Wednesday, September 07, 2011


The weather got a little cooler....and I pulled out some of Cosette's old snuggly pj's. I thought for sure they'd be too big on Leanna, but they fit her almost perfectly.

She was so cozy and cute in them this morning, we decided to leave them on her a little longer than normal. I think we let her walk around in these being cute until close to lunch time :) She was a welcome distraction amidst our normal home-schooling day of vowels, multiplication tables, and the study of elevation vs. depth :)



                   She even decided all on her own to try a little upside-down action :)


                        "I see you!"

Sunday, September 04, 2011

That much closer

Something happened to me on August 9th, 2010. I lost my Mama, yes. But something else happened---I had a change in perspective that I wasn't expecting. Maybe a better way of saying that is "I had a change in realization".

You see, before my Mom went home to be with Jesus (for to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord), I believed in heaven, I rejoiced in heaven, and I had eternal hope that one day I would be there myself.

But after I lost Mom, my realization changed. Heaven changed  from something I had hope in, to something I suddenly KNEW existed, without a shadow of a doubt, and a part of me even started longing for it. I don't mean in an unhealthy, mental kind of way....but after Mom left for was almost like a teeny, tiny part of me was gone as well. NOW, now, I have reason to look forward to being there myself. Yes, I know, of course, Jesus is there too, and of course I always knew that---but He is ALSO here with me now, so.....the longing wasn't quite so bad. Everybody I loved was here with me on earth....the longing for Heaven wasn't the same.  Does that make sense?

You know when you ask somebody who has lost a loved one 'How are you doing?' and they say something like "Well, it's been 8 months, and it still hurts"? Well, I always thought those people were talking figuratively. But I have now learned that they mean it LITERALLY hurts. I can have a dream about my mom, (almost every night, by the way), and wake up in a cold sweat, racing to catch my breath, and literal pains coursing through my body. I can think about that day in the hospital---the last 'I love you, Mom', giving her a last hug, watching that heart monitor plummet, knowing my Mom had just taken her last breath....and it HURTS. I get pains--I don't know what other word to use for it--from the tip of my head, right down to the tip of my toes. It literally hurts.

And I think that's why I see heaven in a whole different light now. It's where my Mama is. It's where we'll be reunited someday. It's where everything will finally be 'right' again. Remember the words of Paul? " For to depart and be with Christ is far better, but to be here with you is more necessary" (my paraphrase) That's how I feel. Torn in two. My heart is here---my husband, my kids, my family.....but part of me, a very small part of me--has already gone ahead. And so, heaven is that much more glorious.

I encourage you to look up this song by Phil Wickham and be blessed---it really spoke to me this morning. Here's my favorite verse. 

Beautiful---by: Phil Wickham

When we arrive at eternity's shore
Where death is just a memory and tears are no more
We'll enter in as the wedding bells ring
Your bride will come together and we'll sing
You're beautiful, You're beautiful, You're beautiful

Someday, Mom......until then, missing you beyond words.....


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