Sunday, August 07, 2011

You might be a parent if....

  • You go in to take a shower and find miniature size, plastic army men staring up at you
  •  You find yourself saying things like "No, you may not have a sip of my sweet tea. It is my sweet tea, only mine, and I am going to drink the whole thing all by myself" (No, that wasn't my three year old, it was me---how could you get that confused?? ;)
  • Your husband has to bring legos in from the yard before he can mow
  • You start to wipe a sticky spot off of  the wall and end up following the sticky spot through the entire upstairs.
  • You have ever cleaned your entire bathroom floor with a baby wipe
  • You have ever cleaned your windowsills with a baby wipe
  • You have ever cleaned.....okay, let's just admit it, you clean EVERYTHING with a baby wipe :)
  • You have ever heard the bathroom referred to as the 'potty room'
  • More than 1/5 of your grocery budget each week goes for buying milk
  • You've forgotten that whole 'organization' system of laundry you used to have when you were a newly wed. Now, you just stuff as much laundry in the machine as you can, white OR colored, and hope it turns out clean
  • 'Date night' now often means frozen dinners after the kids go to bed, as well as root beer drank out of wine glasses and a game of scrabble. 
  • Your most common words at 7:30 in the evening are ''Now say 'aaagghhh'....Now say 'Eeeeee'---no, no, no, don't spit the toothpaste on ME!"
  • You're filling out a form at a doctor's office and answer the question of 'What are your hobbies?' like this..."I have four kids six and under and another on the way....I don't have time for hobbies!!"

So, how did you do? If you answered 'yes' to more than two questions above, I would seriously suggest you go check your house for some little children....they're probably hiding in your kitchen, drinking all of your milk ;) 


    Joel Curtis said...

    I think what I should have said is something like, "Well... I have four kids 6 and younger with another on the way... I'll give you one chance to guess what my hobby might be". :)

    Anonymous said...

    Okay, so Jaime you made me laugh, then Joel made me laugh even harder. I'm still laughing!!


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