Friday, August 19, 2011

An unusual fear

Sometimes I feel like I'm living my own reality show of 'Kids say the Darndest Things'
Today was a doozy, and I just had to share.

We've had these yellow jackets flying around outside our kitchen window---just one or two at a time. One of them got Noah the other day when he was outside playing, and then today, another one got Eli. We still can't find the nest (if there is one), but that's beside the point. The bee got Eli just below his eyebrow. After he had calmed down, he came to me with the ice on his eyelid, which had swollen quite a bit. He said:

"Gee Mom, I'm glad the bee didn't get me here (pointing to the middle of his forehead), cause that's where my brain is, and my brain has all my thoughts, and if the bee stung me there, all my thoughts would have fallen out!"

Hahahaha!!! It was really hard not to laugh, because his fear was legitimate. I think I finally convinced him that if a bee stung him there, his thoughts would certainly not fall out :)

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