Saturday, August 27, 2011

Seven quick takes.......and a Poll

I have lots I'd love to post about, but I can't get my thoughts organized enough to do one major post on anything. I decided instead to do seven 'quick takes'---this way, I can talk about ALL the things I want to talk about, and not have a post three miles long (well, maybe not ;)

My Quick Takes

1. We start school on Monday. Cosette is in third grade, Eli in first. I will be trying to keep Noah out of trouble and busy doing 'constructive things', like coloring, play-dough, learning his letters, etc. I am so grateful once again for our curriculum, My Father's World.  Lesson plan for the entire year all ready.....tons of cool books at our fingertips to read and use....everything from a Christian World-view...yes, please! We'll be celebrating the first day with pizza and wings for dinner :)

2. Eli is being baptized tomorrow. My first reaction was 'He's too young!' But my husband had a healthier perspective. You see, Eli asked to be baptized all on his own, without us suggesting it, and he was able to give a logical, correct reason as to why he should be baptized. And, based on that, Joel's response was "Who am I to tell him he can't be baptized? Jesus said to have faith like one of these little children...." Hmmm.....good point. So, tomorrow at our 10:30 service, my sweet Eli will be baptized :) Hopefully pictures to follow soon!

3. I tripped coming down the stairs on one of Leanna's toys yesterday and thought I sprained my ankle. It was throbbing, and I was literally crawling around the house all evening, or sitting around with it propped up and me full of Tylenol. I thought "Oh no, just what I need!" But I woke up this morning, and it hardly hurt at all! I've only thought about it once or twice all day.....thank you Jesus!

4. People used to tell my mom "Wow Karen, you have all these great new ideas!" She would say, "No, I just steal other people's great ideas." Well, I think I've officially inherited her gift. Clever ideas don't come to me just 'like that'---but I LOVE to steal other peoples. Remember Cosette's quilt a few posts back? I got the idea for that from another blog I read. I also love this idea, and I think I'm going to be trying to include it in our devotions this fall.

5. We are having these tomorrow after lunch. I know, I know---they're really bad for me, contain a bazillion calories, and will make losing the baby weight next year that much harder. But I don't care. See, when I start thinking about a particular food when I'm's really hard for me to stop thinking about it. And these got into my mind and just won't leave. We'll be adding oreos, of course, because the shakes are just not un-healthy enough as it is :)

6. I am reading through The Mitford Series.  There is absolutely nothing brainy, intelligent, or super-enlightening about them---but I love them! I found the first two on my Mom's shelves when we were going through her books, and I brought them home. They make me laugh out loud, literally, and anything that makes me laugh out loud is a winner!! Don't read them if you feel like reading something deeply thought-provoking. Read them if you feel like relaxing and having a good laugh.

7. Last thought, I promise. My sister-n-law's are going to laugh out loud when they read this. We have been having an on-going facebook discussion (brought about by a real life discussion) about the proper term for little girl's hair arrangements. For instance: What do you call a single bunch of hair at the back of the head? And what do you call two bunches of hair on opposite sides of the head? And what do you call them if they happen to be braided? We're of different opinions on this, as I'm sure you've already guessed. So, I'm curious.....leave me a comment and tell me what you know as a ponytail, a pigtail(s), and what makes the difference?


Elizabeth said...

Well, I'm sure my answer is going to be a typical one but, here goes. One bunch of hair in the back of the head is a pony-tail, 2 bunches on opposite sides of the head are pig-tails and if they are braided I just call them braided pig-tails. As to their consistent farm-animal reference, I honestly never thought too deeply about it until now :) glad to hear the updates & know you all are doing well!!

Anonymous said...

Oh great, Liz agrees with you too! :)
For the record, a bunch of hair in the back- ponytail, unbraided bunches of hair on the sides- ponytails, bunches of braided hair on the sides or in the back- pigtails! Just think about what the animals' tails really look like and these names make sense! :)

Christine Jenkins said...

Well, I'm no expert, but growing up it was simple. A bunch of hair in the back was a ponytail. Two bunches on the side were pigtails. The braiding didn't matter. It was either a braided ponytail or braided pigtails. And it's in this tradition that I am raising my own daughter in. ;-) Sorry, Lisa!


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