Saturday, August 06, 2011

A quick word of explanation

I hate when my written word is mis-understood. But, unfortunately, that is the reality of putting my thoughts out there in written form for the whole wide world to read. Every now and then, I write something 'wrong', and people mis-understand what my actual point was. So......a quick word of explanation.

After posting my last post (read it if you haven't already), I've realized that many people were not getting my main point. So, let me state clearly (I hope) what the main point of my last post was.

1. First of all, I was NOT suggesting that anybody has been attacking Joel or I for our decision to have another child. We have received only positive and loving comments and words from family and friends. My last post was not a way of trying to 'defend' myself---nobody has been 'judging' my family---at least, not that we know of :) It was simply my point to show how silly that well-known number of '1.5' children is. Seriously? The idea that some nameless agency out there can determine what is best for my family, in our own, personal particular circumstances, unknown to them, is just ridiculous. You can't put a 'one size fits all' label on families---circumstances are different for each couple. And also, I don't buy into the whole 'large families leave too big of a foot-print' idea that some environmentalists seem to have.

2. Second of all, I was NOT trying to insinuate that if you have less children than I do, that you somehow made a wrong decision or something. Nope. That wasn't my point at all. How many children you have is totally up to you, your spouse, and God. My pastor's family has an even dozen. Do I ever see myself having that many? Nope. Not happening. However, I do NOT think that I am somehow less spiritual or something because I'm 'closing the door' sooner. Likewise, I will NOT look down on you if you have chosen to have less than five children---that's just silly too.

3. Third of all, I realize that many couples out there are longing, wishing, and praying for a baby--even just ONE baby. Why God chooses to allow some couples to have five, while others struggle to have just one, I will never know (at least not on this earth), but I have to trust that He is still the all-knowing, all-loving, compassionate Savior that knows and cares about each one of us. I thank God for allowing me to have as many children as I do---and I pray for comfort for those of you who are still on the journey of waiting.

Children are a gift from God, whether you have one or 19 like that well-known family :) OR....if you choose to have none at all and spend your lives serving your God and focusing completely on Him......then God bless you in your pursuits. I was not trying to hit upon some 'magical' number as 'perfect' or 'better'

Bottom Line? Joel and I have another baby on the way....that will make five for us....we're excited, thankful, and praising God for another little blessing running around our house. May we do our best to raise them to His glory.

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