Thursday, August 04, 2011

Four......going on five

Yes, I know the stats. The ones from the environmentalists that say that each couple should only have 2.5 (or is it 1.5?) children. And I've always wondered-----which last half do you get, the head or the feet?!! ;)
  Okay, okay, in all seriousness, I know our family is now bordering on the 'larger' side. And you know what? It's a good thing that I don't care what all those environmentalists think :) I'm a stay at home mom----my 'job' is to raise these kids to be God-fearing, loving adults some day. I am more than thrilled to be adding another to our kit and kaboodle. I realize that there are many families who are longing for just one baby to hold and love.....and I feel so blessed, beyond what I deserve, to be looking forward to welcoming our 5th. I am not taking our blessings lightly, folks.
   And besides, I looked around at my kids this morning and thought how much I loved every one of them---and how different our family would be if one of them were not here. I saw sibling affection happening this morning, and it warmed my heart.
Downstairs, we had a fun game of 'Cadoo' happening at the kitchen table.


Add some yogurt and granola to the mix, and you've got one fun party! :)


Upstairs, we had a tea party going on.



See? It's kinda hard to catch moments like this if you only have 1.5 children ;)


Elizabeth said...

Someone said the other day, "I believe God gives every family exactly the children He intends for them". God intended for you and Joel to be wonderful Christian parents to Cosette, Eli, Noah, Leanna, and "baby #5" (whose sex and name I can't wait to find out!!). Anyone who says or even thinks you two take this responsibility and gift lightly simply doesn't know you!!! Congrats again.... I'm just waiting to see which way this kid's going to tip the 3/3 tie of girl/boy!!! :) I'm saying boy right guess is as good as any I suppose!

Chuck said...

ditto what elizabeth said


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