Tuesday, August 30, 2011

For your laughing pleasure....

So, we're sitting in Ledo's pizza last night, having a 'first day of school celebration' with our kids. I think we had an 'end of the year' celebration there too....hmmmm......moving on....

Anyway, the kids were being very well behaved, not causing any problems, and I was really proud of them. Then, Cosette had to go potty. I was busy helping Leanna with something, so Joel walked with her to show her where the bathroom was and wait for her outside. They came back, and pretty soon, Eli had to go. My loving husband, being the great guy he is, jumped up again, and took Eli to use the potty. Well, you can all guess what happened after they came back....Yep, Noah had to go potty too. So, instead of sitting down, Joel just stayed up and marched Noah right to the potty.Well, needless to say, he had now passed the same group of people eating their dinner THREE different times with THREE different kids. Finally, they called out to him:

" Hey! Are these all your kids, or are you just the designated potty guy?"
Joel: "Oh no, they're all mine!"
"Got any more?"
Joel: Um, yep.....a baby back at the table and one in the oven!
"Hehe---Don't you know what causes that??"
Joel: "Of course, but if you saw my wife, you'd understand" :)

Hahaha!! I read that funny line somewhere and mentioned it to Joel, but I never thought he'd actually use it--made my night :) Love that man!

Now, WHAT to say to folks in the grocery store who so kindly inform me that I have my hands full....as if I hadn't noticed :) My votes are all out for the kind lady who actually helped me to my van one day and loaded all my groceries for me! Now THAT makes me smile :)

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Anonymous said...

That is great! What a response from Joel!! He had me laughing out loud.


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