Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The finished product

Well, I promised you I'd show you a picture of Cosette's finished quilt...and she just finished it this afternoon. The girl knows how to get a job done! :)




And in case you're wondering, she did almost everything completely by herself. She only got stuck once or twice, then I helped her pull out a few stitches and she was on her way again! So proud of her hard work!

During this project, she gained these skills on the sewing machine:

1. How to sew a straight stitch
2. How to make a 'knot' on the machine
3. How to sew a zig-zag stitch
4. How to thread the machine
5. How to thread the bobbin

She also learned how to 'knot' a quilt (the little pieces of thread in each square that are holding the quilt together :)

And now, she has a beautiful, cheery quilt to use all fall and winter :)


Anonymous said...

That is really great! I should have Cosette give me a sewing machine course! Wouldn't Grandma Karen be so proud!!

Chuck said...

i wonder what this girl CAN'T do
when she puts her mind to it!

Kelly said...

Well done, Cosette!


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