Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beauty in the making

I have a confession to make. I don't do crafts. I mean, like, I am NOT a crafty Mama. Glue sticks, wiggly eyes, popsicle sticks, little pom-pom balls---all that stuff practically give me the hives. I was the little six year old in VBS craft class so many years ago upset because the glue was making me sticky, instead of enjoying the craft. Yeah. So, we have a very limited supply of craft materials at our house. Glue, construction paper, crayons, markers----it you can't make it with those things, then you probably don't need to ;)

However.........sewing is a whole different animal. When you sew, actually end up with something beautiful and useful, instead of,....something you're going to throw in the trash can next Tuesday. My Grandfather blessed our family with my Grandmother's super-awesome sewing machine late last winter. I've been wanting to teach Cosette how to use it ever since, and today, I finally got up the motivation. So, here, in pictures, is the beginnings of putting together a 'patchwork' quilt...........

First, pick out some samples of pretty material. The brighter, the better :) Oh, and if you can go to the store during nap-time when Daddy's at home with the younger kids, even better.


Then, of course, you need to cut them out.


Lay them out carefully in a beautiful pattern.

Then work hard all evening and amaze your Mama at how much you can get done :)


The finished product will be revealed at a later date :)


Rachael Boer said...

She's looking so grown up!! Beautiful girl.

Chuck said...

she is so focused wow
way to pass on your wisdom


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