Monday, July 04, 2011

Two godly woman.....two godly examples......a host of people to follow behind

I just saw this post on Joshua Harris's site. For those of you who don't know, Joshua Harris is the Pastor of Covenant Life church, and a well-known author. His parents and family were big in the early home-schooling movement, and did a lot of positive things to promote it.

I remember reading on his blog last summer some time that his Mom, Sono Harris, had passed away. Obviously, I never had the privilege of meeting her, but it was still sad. How heart-breaking to lose such a godly woman, and one whose family had had such an influence on my own! If it weren't for the work of Greg and Sono Harris, I may never have been home-schooled.....I may not be homeschooling my own family today.

I remember standing in my Mom's kitchen last summer, talking to her about it. We were both so shocked and saddened by the loss for the Harris Family. My mom even posted as her Facebook Status something like this: "Praying for the Harris family today at the loss of their dear mother.....never met her myself, but she had such an influence on my life anyway!" We stood in my Mom's kitchen, talking over what a hard time the Harris family must be experiencing.

I had absolutely nooooooo idea that just a little over a month later, my own Mama would pass away as well. I just saw on Joshua Harris's site that today, July 4th, was the one year marker for the loss of his mom. And soon, 8-9-10, it will be the one year marker for the loss of my own Mama.

Both godly woman. One much more well known than the other. But both living their lives for Jesus, loving their families, and trying to make a difference in the world. And I had to smile, on this July 4th, wondering if my own Mama has had the honor of meeting Mrs. Harris yet. I can hear my mom now: "You were the subject of one of my last Facebook Posts! It's an honor!"

Two godly woman......both gone.....both missed terribly. But what a legacy they both left behind. Thank you Mama, for your example. I miss you terribly...........may I follow in your godly footsteps.


Chuck said...

you are so truly following in your mom's footsteps and making some amazing footprints of your own

Elizabeth said...

ditto on Chuck's comment. I see your mom in you in SO many ways and even as your friend, your mom made a big impact on my life. How many college friend's moms bring you oranges ALL the way from Maryland on a school night--ok they brought them to YOU not me, but they let me share :) Or help your mom with a recital reception when she's busy enough with her own daughter's? Or let's two friends in her house who are dirty and stinky from Creation Festival just to say hi :) My mom and I both miss your mom. I bet your mom is having a lot of neat conversations with Mrs. Harris among others.


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