Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some thoughts

Just got back from a one-night, two day 'mini vacation' with Joel. We stayed in a nice motel room, ate good food, talked and finished every single sentence we started, (parents of small children will realize what a miracle that is!!) and really just enjoyed time away. Then we came home this afternoon, picked our kids back up from Grandma's house, and spent the afternoon with them at the pool.  I really needed a 'breather'. Life is stressful sometimes----for everybody-----and I was really feeling it lately. Sometimes you just need time to 're-group' and breathe a little. Plus, I just love spending time with my husband like that. I don't ever want to become so 'busy' with stuff that seems 'important'----only to find later that I've neglected the most important people in my life. Joel and I are having to learn how to say 'yes' to the things we really, really feel a calling to minister in, and 'no' to the things that are equally good----but would prevent us from putting the necessary time and effort into raising our kids for God's Glory. Because, no matter what other opportunities come our way, our family will always be our responsibility. And, if we mess up with our kids.....shame on us!! It's a tight line to walk----knowing when to say 'yes' and when to say 'no'. But, we are covering our lives, our ministries, our family, our kids, and our relationship in prayer, and knowing that God will help us to make wise decisions as parents.
  We have a good bit going on the next couple of weeks----'good' things that we have decided to say 'yes' to :) I may be a little more silent on here than normal until things slow down again. But, I'll try to at least post pictures occasionally. Noah has a birthday coming up soon---and you KNOW I have to share those pictures with you :)


Chuck said...

with such obvious talents and giftings from God, NO has to be a valid response sometimes. God will lead you.

Anna said...

Awww usual you inspire me! I NEEEEEDED this tonight. I sit here in tears. Your ministry in motherhood is so beautiful! Thank you for the gift you've given me this evening!!!! congratulations on another family member to come also :D


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