Thursday, July 21, 2011

My banana girl

So, when you're naming your child, you try to pick something that's nice, right? Nothing that's going to cause them to be bullied or made fun of, that type of thing. Or, consider my parent's example. My mom realllly wanted to name my brother 'Adam Seth Skidmore.' But then, she considered the initials. Yeah. That would have been cruel!

So, when Joel and I have picked names out, we've tried to cover all our grounds. Does the name sound good? Does it have a family back-ground to it? Are the initials okay? What does it mean?

However, with Leanna, there was one slight thing we couldn't foresee. She loves bananas. LOVES them. See the problem? Leanna......kinda rhymes with banana, haha :) Now, I constantly find myself saying "Leanna, do you want a banana?", and laughing at how silly it sounds :)

Wanna see just how much she loves her bananas? Well, she's willing to eat through the skin of one to get to the good stuff :)



Don't worry, I eventually helped her out a little.....after I got the cute pictures ;)

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