Monday, July 18, 2011

Birthday Boy

Just popping in for a few minutes to do Noah's birthday post. I'm a few days late, but oh well, here it is :)

Noah Shaun Curtis has been turning our world upside down for over three years now. It all started one awful morning when I was just 12 weeks along in my pregnancy. Joel rushed me to the emergency room----we were sure we were losing our baby boy. But no, after hours of panic and awful anticipation, there was his beating heart and kicking legs up on the ultrasound screen, and I cried tears of joy. However, due to the complications, I spend much of the rest of the pregnancy on bed rest....

Fast forward several weeks. The placenta previa had taken 'care of itself' (we consider it a miracle to this day!!), and the doctor (not our usual doctor, a special one we were seeing for the complications), rolled the wand over my belly. "Hmmm.....the baby has two of the early characteristics of a Down Syndrome baby. I suggest you find out soon if he has any more characteristics of Down Syndrome so you can decide if you want to abort it." Words of DEATH!! Lies by the enemy--satan himself. Joel and I assured the doctor that it didn't matter to us either way, and we decided not to find out. This baby was ours to love, one way or the other.

Fast forward even more precious baby boy was finally born, safe and sound. Turns out he didn't have Down Syndrome. Of course, we would have loved him either way, but it made me even angrier at that doctor. People are so quick to throw life away, just because a baby might be 'different' than what you were expecting. Such. a. shame.

So, I watch as the nurse washes up my baby boy, scrubs his hair, diapers him, and then....she rolls him over. And Joel, me, and my sister (who was there at the time) gasp in horror. He has a 'knot' (for lack of a better word) the size of an egg on his left side. The nurse gets quiet and calls the mid-wife over. We spend the next two days in the hospital, trying to figure out what in the world this awful knot is. Thoughts of 'tumor', 'cancer', ran through my mind. They finally determined they had no idea what it was, and sent us to a specialist. The specialist looked him over, gave a little laugh and said "Oh, this is nothing but a harmless lymphangioma. 
We thanked God once again for protecting our baby boy. The lymphangioma has since almost completely disappeared---you would never know it was ever there.

Fast forward even more months and years. Noah has never stopped turning our world upside down! He is smart, curious, and....into everything!! Inches of baby powder all over the bed-room.....hiding out eating stolen candy under the kitchen table.....coloring all over walls and tables.......taking months to potty train....he's responsible for all of this and more! I think this next picture accurately depicts what I'm talking about. I took it on his birthday morning.

Cake batter all over his face...toilet paper completely unwound...yep, that's my Noah alright!!

But, underneath all of his craziness, there is a sweet and gentle heart/spirit not unlike his Daddys, and that makes me smile :) He is such a loving, sweet little dude! I honestly don't know how we were ever a family without him! He is my joy in the morning, my prayer of thanks in the evening. Because not a day passes when I don't remember that he was my 'miracle baby', many times over! Here's a few pictures of my sweet boy on his birthday:






Noah Shaun, you are loved more than words can say!! Happy Birthday, little man!

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Elizabeth said...

LOVE these pictures! :) Completely agreed! He is a sweet, entertaining, loving little boy :) Thank God he has Christian parents who defended his right for life! Such a little blessing :)


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