Saturday, July 09, 2011

Beauty at home

I am finally (maybe??), after 6.5 years of having children, learning the beauty and simplicity of being home. I've always been a 'go-getter'. I've always wanted lots of things going on..places to go...things to do...responsibilities to take care of...projects to work on. One semester at college, I took 21 credits (21!!!) just because the normal load of 12-14 didn't keep me 'busy' enough. My last semester at college, the summer of 2003, I was taking my last course (online), preparing my Senior Recital (think dozens of pages of memorized music), working a part time job as a grocery store cashier, working another part time job as a piano teacher at a local music school, teaching at a week long music camp for first and second graders, and, oh yeah......preparing to get married in December. It was one heck of a summer! And I loved it! Every minutes of it!

And, after getting married and having kids, it's like I never shifted to second gear. I was still in 'college mode', running, running, running.......trying to fill up my days going here and there, etc. I was missing how important it is for little people (and their Mama's!) to be at home. Taking care of the home. The Bible DOES say 'Be still and know that I am God'. It does NOT say 'Run around like crazy trying to prove your worth by all the different distractions in your life" I am truly coming to see and believe that where I need to be, at this point in my home.

Houses need cleaned.
Families need good, nourishing food to help them thrive.
Clothes need washed.
Children need regular schedules, bed-times, and routines.
Dads and moms need to train and discipline their children in the familiar environment of 'home'

In other words, it's hard to be a 'keeper at home' when you're always everywhere BUT home! I am finally learning that. The beauty of fixing good meals for my family, keeping the family budget up and running, reading stories to my little ones on the porch, enjoying an evening family walk.....the list of things that are 'beautiful' at home goes on and on and on....

I read another post today that says all this better than I can.  Go here to read her thoughts on the matter. And then cuddle up with your children.....and enjoy the beauty and simplicity of home.

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Anonymous said...

I feel like you are a picture of this! Thanks for writing! I hope you enjoy the article!


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