Thursday, June 23, 2011

What I loved about today

I don't ever want to forget what these days are like, at home with four little ones all around me.. So, today, I loved:

1. Watching Cosette smoothing over the freshly planted green bean rows all by herself. She is literally getting to the point where she really is a 'helper' :)

2. These two ladies. Aren't they beautiful?? :) This picture is a little fuzzy, but I loved it anyway. It really shows Leanna's personality right now. She wants to be 'close'---hugging you, in your arms, wrapped around your legs, whatever :) You can see that Cosette and I just hate that ;)



3. Playing 'throw this sack of potatoes in the trash can' game with Noah after dinner. He squeals and squeals and laughs, and then, when I get ready to 'throw the potatoes in the trash can', he laughs hysterically and says "No Mama, Me, Noah, Noah!" And I look at him as if I'm just realizing it's Noah, and NOT a sack of potatoes, and then I tickle him :) Love it, love it!!

4. Listening to Cosette practice her violin today. A friend just gave it to her, and she's loving learning the basics. I hardly heard a screech today :) Noah wants to play it too. He picks it up ever so carefully, but his arms aren't long enough. He would need an 1/8 or a 1/4 size, I think. This is all new territory for me, too, as I'm a pianist, not a violinist :)

5. Little boys turned into superheros simply by the addition of socks on their hands. Can you guess which one is the more serious super hero?


6. And finally, watching Leanna as she lay in her bed, almost asleep. Her eyes were closed ; the only indication that she wasn't completely in dream-land was her sweet little fingers twisting her curls :)

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