Sunday, June 05, 2011

Living intentionally....and strawberry pie :)

Wow. I see I haven't posted anything since Wednesday! These summer days are just passing me by too fast! Well, I shouldn't say that....we're not just mindlessly 'flying' through our days. They are just so filled with our kids, and all the joy and activities that come along with four children....that we are living and loving our life to the fullest. Soccer in the wading pool....babies learning how to walk....a new Sunday School class to teach.....loving my front porch and swing....and Joel and I are hoping to squeeze a date night in sometime soon too :) So, I leave you with one amusing thought for the day:

The newly-wed woman (i.e.--Me, about 7 1/2 years ago), upon lacking a proper recipe to make a strawberry pie, will search for endless hours through all of her recipe books AND the internet, comparing notes and trying to figure out the best and proper way to pre-bake a pie crust.

The well-seasoned mother (i.e.-- Me---7 1/2 years, four kids and three bazillion meals later), will pop the pie crust in the oven and say "'ll be done when it's done :)

Life DOES count for something. Hoping for positive outcomes on that pie crust :)

1 comment:

Chuck said...

It is amazing how so many things, that were fretted over, become "eh, no biggie!"


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