Thursday, May 19, 2011

School year in review

 Tomorrow is our last day of school for the year. I will officially have a graduated second grader, a graduated kindergartener, a graduated two-year-older who enjoyed making messes during school, and a graduated nurser (well, almost----she's kinda rebelling against the cow's milk right now)

There were some days (okay, many days) where I had the thought of "I don't think I can do this! I wonder if the local private school has any openings......" But then, I'd remember that it's not all about ME, it's all about GOD. And if I simply asked, He'd give me the grace to get through each day, which He did. And not only 'get through'----I loved so much about having school with the kids this year! And, while there was the occasional 'melt down' for Cosette over her math lesson, (she IS her mother's daughter, after all)  I think that all in all they both enjoyed the year as well.

I was just reflecting on some of the things that we had the most fun with this year....

One of the high-lights was definitely seeing Eli learn how to read. And boy, can the boy read! ;) He reads everything----from signs to cereal boxes to our devotional book. I am so, so, so proud of him. He's only five, you know. (Couldn't help it, had to say it....I'll stop bragging now :) I know I've mentioned this book on here before, but I highly recommend  "Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons." Will it work for everybody? Of course not----it's only a book, not a miracle! But, it's worked well for our two oldest, and I think it would probably work for a LOT of other children as well.

Another high-light was sitting on the couch with Cosette each morning to do her Spanish lesson. I knew Spanish fairly well in college, but I'd lost a lot of it since then. It's been fun to sit with her and re-learn some stuff, and have fun trying our new skill out on each other through the day. "Cosette, tienes hambre?" "Si, mama, tengo mucho hambre" We laughed one day when her (adult) language course wanted her to learn how to say '' Would you like red wine or white wine?" We switched the wording to "Red milk or white milk?" and decided that red milk must be strawberry :)

Watching Noah learn stuff 'behind my back' was also a high-light of the year. I would frequently find him curled up on the couch, looking at library books while the big kids did school. Today, he came to me with our number train, pointed to the number '2' and said 'two', and held up two fingers! Now, this may not seem like a big deal to those of you who have two year olds who talk up a storm each day, but for Noah, each new word he learns is a happy day!

Okay, can I just admit right here what my most favorite part of each school day was? It was about 7:00 a.m. each morning, after Joel leaves for work, the boys are still asleep, and Cosette is in her room reading or doing chores. Leanna and I snuggle up on my bed together for her first morning nursing. I read my Bible or pray while she nurses happily. Then when she's done, we snuggle and cuddle and laugh and tickle and play "Where's Leanna? Boo!" And sometimes she gives me kisses. It's just the frosting on the cake, you know? And you say "But that's not school!" I beg to differ! I'm teaching my child to communicate with words to another human know what it feels like to love and be loved. And that is education at it's finest.

And so, while our formal 'book studies' are over for the summer, there is so much more education that will happen around here during the next three months....

We'll play and run and soak in the sunshine. We'll plant a garden and blueberry bushes. We'll study the plants as they grow and (hopefully) enjoy a harvest of fruits and vegetables.

We'll go on walks to the park and little boys will build strong muscles on the jungle gym.

We'll play on our soccer teams, and the kids will learn the value of team-manship and good exercise.

We'll read together, laugh together, play together, work together. Leanna will learn to walk, Eli will work on pronouncing his 'r's', Cosette will keep up her Spanish lessons, and Noah will hopefully learn a new word or two :)  Oh, and we plan on going through stacks...and I mean stacks.....of library books. Look out, librarian ladies, it's summer at the Curtis household!!

Good-bye, school year, Hello, summer learning.....


Chuck said...

wonderful post

Elizabeth said...

That was a very nice summary of your school year! Thank you for sharing it with us :) I always enjoy hearing about what's going on in the Curtis house :)


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