Friday, May 27, 2011

The quest for the missing shoe (Or...why you should never go shopping with four children age six and under)

So, I had one simple stop to make. We were going to run into the store, pick up stuff for Leanna's birthday cake, plus a handful of other things, and then be on our way. Not a big deal. I drug my sister along with me. (She frequently gets included on these 'fun' expeditions, poor thing) Anyway, we finished our shopping, got out to the car, strapped all the babies in their car-seats, and headed off down the road to Taco Bell for four 99-cent burrito things.

We arrived at Taco Bell, and Kristin got the baby and big kids out while I started to unhook Noah. But then I noticed....uh-oh, Noah's missing a shoe! When did he loose it? I looked everywhere around his seat and on the floor for the shoe. And, of course, he doesn't say much yet, so he can't tell us where he lost the shoe.

"Oh darn. I'm hungry! I don't really want to run back to the store we were just at....but it's his good pair of sandals!" So, back in the van everybody goes. I drive back to the store, look all around our parking place, the cart we were using, and even walk back into the store and re-trace our steps. I ask the cashier "Has anyone turned in a missing shoe?" She looks at me like I've got two heads. No shoe. Of course not. " Oh well. Guess we're stopping at WalMart for some new sandals!"

I walk back to the car, where I now have one crying baby, three very hungry kids, and one sister who was trying to keep them all alive and happy while I was shoe-searching.

We drive back down the road to Taco Bell again. I hop back out, and start to unstrap Noah, explaining that he'll just have to wear one shoe for a while. But then....well, you can all probably guess what happened next. I see it. His missing shoe. Right underneath the seat. Hardly hiding at all. It had been there the whole time. Don't ask me how I missed it. I had shook everything out, moved everything, looked under everything. Or so I thought. But there it was. One size ten brown Pooh-bear sandal.

I clapped my hands in delight, Noah smiled and wrapped his arms around me, and my sister gave me a look that said "Oh, gee, thanks for including me in this super-fun expedition!" :)

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