Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Five Years!

My Eli is turning five today. FIVE!! Before becoming a Mom, it totally escaped my notice how important a birthday also is to the Mother! Every time one of my kids birthdays rolls around, I'm probably the only person thinking about their actual birth day :) Eli was TEN days late---my only late baby---and we were so relieved when he finally came! In honor of his birthday, here are a few video clips from his first five years :) (You'll want to turn my music off at the bottom of the page before you watch these )

I LOVE this one. Joel sounds like such a proud, loving Daddy:)

I know, I know....he's just sleeping. What's the big deal? But he's MY son sleeping, so that's makes it exciting for me :)

His 'Bob the builder' song.

I LOVE his high little voice in this one as he quotes his memory work. He was probably about three.

Happy Birthday, Eli Jacob!

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