Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Meal Plan.....and little boys :)

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  • Ahhhhh....these two little boys. They'd like you to believe they're all sweet and innocent, sitting here on the swing reading books. But if you had peeked into our life today, you would have seen that, between the two of them, they managed to go through four different sets of clothes, tried to swipe a candy bar at the check-out lane, broke a picture, woke up their baby sister from nap time, and probably a whole host of other things I'm just too tired to remember now. Little boys......their cuteness saves them :)

    Anyway.......I haven't posted a meal plan in a while, so I thought you all might like to see what we'll be eating this week. (Also a great way to get new meal ideas if you're stuck in the same-five-recipes rut yourself :) And yes, dear Thursday Sisters, you will see some of your recipes from last week in here too :)

    Wednesday: Chicken-Green bean- stir fried rice, fresh watermelon, vanilla pie cups for dessert (simply make little mini pie-crust cups in a muffin pan and fill them with vanilla pudding, whipped cream and fresh raspberries)
    Thursday : Sausage and Sweet Potato Bake, spinach-mandarin orange-pecan-poppyseed salad
    Friday: Ultimate veggie  pizza (a homemade whole wheat pizza crust topped with stir-fried zucchini, squash, tomatoes and red onion)
    Saturday: Crusty Mexican Bean Bake, Green Beans
    Sunday: 'Kerf' bean and veggie wraps
    Monday: Corn Cheddar  tomato Quiche,  creamed peas, cheddar bay biscuits
    Tuesday: Beef Enchiladas, a simple side salad

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