Thursday, May 05, 2011

Growing up

I'm beginning to find that children do that. They grow up. And, as much as I love the tiny baby in my arms, each new stage they reach is exciting and awesome in itself. There are some days when I just feel so honored...blessed...joyful to be able to be 'Mama' to these little ones. My husband works so hard so that I can be home with my children every day, and I am so grateful for that. As I sat at the lunch table today, eating and laughing with the four of them, I felt an over-whelming sense of joy at what I do. These little people are my ministry right now. They will grow up...they will go to college, get married, get jobs, move away, buy homes of their own, etc, etc. But for right now.....this moment in time.....they are mine to enjoy, teach, train and love. What a blessing!

This little girl seems to have joined the 'growing up' wagon a little too fast for my liking! I turned the corner today, and there she stood by the wall, all by herself. Nothing to hold on to. She was just standing there all by herself, as if she'd done it  a million times before. I have a feeling walking is right around the corner.
(That's a play ketchup bottle in her hand, by the way :)

And this pretty in yellow! She has decided to grow her bangs out. She has had bangs since she was a tiny little girl, and now she looks so grown up with out them :)

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