Monday, May 02, 2011

Blossoms, not blizzards :)

Our neighbors house has three or four beautiful trees out front along the road. Please don't ask me what kind they are---my knowledge of anything scientific is pretty much limited to the latest, coolest thing I may have read with Eli in his science book :) I exaggerate only a little. When I was in college, I took my required Biology course at the local community college over the summer because only the credit would transfer to my own private school----not the grade! I was afraid of what that grade might do to my lovely GPA and my much-needed scholarship. In the end, I managed to pull off a B in that class, though, which about tickled me pink! However, I digress, as usual....

So, anyhow....there's these three beautiful trees. And for the past week or two, they've been covered in beautiful white blossoms. I love to stand at my kitchen window and look at them while I wash dishes. Today, it was more windy (windier?) than normal, and all the little white blossoms were blowing around in the wind---we're talking a LOT of little white blossoms. I called the kids over to the window to see them. "Hey guys! Do you see all that white stuff blowing around?"  Cosette quickly responded with this:

"Oh yes, Mom, I've been watching that snow blowing around all morning!" 

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Anonymous said...

Haha!! I did the same thing with the biology AND a philosophy class in college for the SAME reason. Oh, how priorities and worries have changed since life on the Mountaintop:)



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