Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where you are now :)

It's easy to fall into the trap. There are hundreds...thousands....of great blogs out there of stay at home moms who seem to have it 'all together'. We look at pictures of neatly dressed, smiling, happy children. We read how they are stock-piling enough home-canned items to last until the next century. We read how they buy only organic food, sprout their own grain, and never, oh never, never never, see a hot dog or pop tart in their house! We read how their nine year olds are starting classes at the community college, in hopes of ending up in med-school by age 13. And we think....I'm a failure! I'm a lousy, awful failure, who can't seem to get to the grocery store once a week, let alone even think about spending ooodles of money on strictly-organic food! At least, I raise MY hand as guilty.... In fact, I was feeling a lot of these same feelings this afternoon, as my day was not going as expected, and I wondered yet again why I couldn't seem to 'get it all together'.

My friend Pam did an excellent post on this today, and I encourage you to go read her take on the whole issue. You'll find it here, at House full of Love.

Maybe you've even thought these same thoughts coming to my blog. You look at pictures of my beautiful children, hear stories of my wonderful husband whom I adore, etc, etc. And you think "Man, why can't MY family/life be like that?" Or, if you're not even married yet, you may be wondering why you don't even HAVE a family yet. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, folks. And, while I DO love my family, my husband, my life, and I wouldn't trade it in for anything, I don't show you EVERYTHING on here! You've never seen...

  • pictures of the night Joel was away and Eli and Noah got sick with the stomach flu......and then I got sick....and there they were throwing up in the middle of the night, and me, with a 103 degree fever, trying to tend to them....
  • pictures of Noah, covered in  chocolate from the entire Easter peanut-butter egg that he snuck and ate before breakfast this morning.
  • pictures of my tears of frustration as I cried to my husband that my house never stays clean, not even for ten lousy minutes.
  • pictures of Cosette as she ran out of the school-room yesterday morning, frustrated beyond words that she couldn't figure out her math assignment.
 And those are just a few examples to prove that our life is not perfect. I  hope and pray that this blog is an encouragement to those who read it. And, quite frankly, if I showed you pictures of my children puking or children sitting in chairs for time-outs,'d feel depressed, not encouraged :) the encouraged.....draw inspiration for your own life.....but don't compare! Because remember, you're only seeing part of the big picture of each person's life!

My life is blessed with a wonderful husband and four beautiful children. Your life may be blessed with something totally different.....a career, school, a ministry.  Live your own life, rejoice at where God has you now, and, if you want a good smile or laugh, come visit my blog every now and then :)

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