Saturday, April 02, 2011

New inspiration, a new look, new goals.....

My blog has a slightly new look! Don't worry, you're at the right place :) I have recently been in awe inspired by the blog Enjoying the Small Things. The author, Kelle Hampton, does a beautiful job of, well, just enjoying life! She captures beautiful photos of her children, and somehow seems to make even the most mundane day into something to be treasured and loved!

Well, Kelle Hampton I am NOT. My expertise lies at the piano keys, and not the camera. But, regardless, I was still inspired to change my blog around a little and put a little more effort into taking photos that capture the beauty of the life my family and I live together.

I was just saying to Joel the other day "You know Joel, yes, I get tired sometimes.Yes, sometimes my two year old makes me want to pull out my hair.But, in reality, there is NO PLACE I'd rather be than here, NOTHING I'd rather be doing than being your wife and the kids mom." And it's true. My life is blessed. I realize that. I'm hoping that I can display that a little bit more accurately in my new blog look :)

I realize a couple of my navigation bar links are still missing----like I said, I'm not a pro at the computer, so I'm still working at getting those back on. Hopefully they'll be there soon. In the meantime.....

It's beginning to feel a bit like spring around here. Well, at least, we wish it was. The calendar says April 2nd. I've got a garden planned out in my mind. Blueberries, Strawberries, Fresh Tomatoes, Crunchy Green beans. I've already taken a jog or two in the warm spring air, feeling the goodness of fresh air going down to my lungs that had been deprived all winter long. Hey, we even bought 50 % off flowers at WalMart to decorate our table :)


But alas, today, our 'spring' feelings go no further than our own wishes and longings. See what it looks like outside my window?


ON APRIL 2nd!!!  But, we found ways to stay warm inside. One way is to drink lots of coffee and apple cider and Raspberry Chai Tea that your wonderful father and his lovely wife sent you from across the country :) Eli found a way to stay warm too. He put on his great-grandfathers fuzzy grey hat! We have pictures of my grandpa in this same hat from 20 years ago, and it was kind of weird to see my own son wearing it!


Snowy days say 'comfort food' to me, and so I was delighted when Joel requested chicken enchiladas for dinner. Yes, they were every bit as incredible as they look! Thanks to my mother-in-law for another 'keeper' recipe!


I guess we figure that if we stay inside, nice and warm, and just ignore the snow, eventually spring WILL come :)

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