Monday, April 18, 2011

Lovely Ladies

There are some things about childhood that make me smile, and I love to watch my own children enjoying those things! Eating a whole cream filled donut without wondering how many calories are in it is one of those things. Playing outside all day without a care in the world is another. And, oh, for little girls----dressing up!

It's such a balancing act, isn't it? Making sure your children learn the value of hard to 'persevere' to find satisfaction in a job well done, in serving the family through one chore or another. And yet, when they're still so little.....'play' is equally important! For their growth, for experience, for learning to get along together, for building memories.....and for just plain having fun!! So here at our house, yes, we have our share of chores and helping out. Each person is expected to do their part happily and without complaining. But we make sure to leave plenty of time for 'play'.

One of Cosette's favorite things to do is dress up, ESPECIALLY when she's going to be spending time with her cousins! Today, we had three little girl cousins, all playing the part of a 'lovely lady' :)

I LOVE the red boots underneath the pretty dresses!

Yep, they're all cousins, believe it or not! Cosette definitely gets the fair skin from me! We both burn like crazy if we're not careful!


And in case you're wondering what little BOY cousins do outside all day---well, they actually dressed up too! But, they weren't lovely ladies, obviously. They were cowboys with stick horses and hats, off to explore the great unknown  land called 'back-yard woods' :) Can you spot Eli's cousin in this rather blurry photo?

Oh, and it's also really cool to hang upside down from the swing day Noah's gonna hate me for this photo....


Anonymous said...

I love it Jaime! I am so thankful you remembered to take your camera and capture some of this today. Katesie has a great picture of the 3 girls too that I would like to get to post on facebook. Great times and great memories for these dear little ones!

Elizabeth said...

These pictures are CLASSIC!!! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing them!!!

I often find myself in "deep thought" when I'm reading and enjoying your blog :) Here is my deep thought for today:

My piano teacher was discussing with me today the difference between feeling maybe a little guilt if something isn't technically prepared and then fixing it by practicing more and, feeling guilt over playing in general because of constant fear that someone else might think it should be played a different way.

What's this have to do with your picture? Everything. When kids play, I see little people with great big imaginations, not second guessing for a moment that the game they made up, the way they see things, even in their pretend world is somehow not good enough or should be different. They exercise self-confidence as much as they exercise imagination.

I believe when I play now, I'll try to shut my eyes and imagine little girls in pink dresses and little boy with cowboy hats and tell myself, "it's just a story, and it goes like THIS......

Thank you for the inspiration :)


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