Sunday, April 03, 2011

Beautiful little lady

I'm head over heels nuts about this girl. When she crawls after me and reaches for me to cuddle her, and then snuggles her little nose into my shirt and smiles up at me....well, my heart turns into a wishy washy mess! It's amazing. When they hand you this tiny little new born infant, you think it is absolutely impossible that you could ever love her any more than you do at that moment. But, then, the days pass, and you get to know her even better, and your relationship as Mama/daughter grows....and you realize that, amazingly enough, you somehow love her even more than you did ten months ago. Can I get an 'Amen' from any Mamas out there? (Or from ANYBODY who has ever loved a little one!)

Those baby blues get me every time! She has recently discovered that she can pull herself up on Cosette's easel, and that's where we often find her, standing there like a big girl :)

This is a typical 'Leanna' look, ever since she was little. Serious and thoughtful. It's also a common expression on many of my own baby photos.

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Contabilitatea Firmei said...

Hehe she is gorgeous, such a nice little girl, i`m sure you are so proud with her...


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