Saturday, March 19, 2011

To dream.....

I have a dream. And in that dream, I have a wonderful green thumb, and can change my backyard into something beautiful and peaceful. There would be brick walkways, bird baths, white wicker trellises, and lots and lots of flowers. There would be raised flower beds, sunken flower beds, flowers lining walkways and beautiful vines growing everywhere. It might look something like this:

all picture taken from a google search

Or, perhaps, something like this.

But alas, I share my dear mother's ability in the 'green thumb' area. In other words, I don't have one. I kill plants. I don't try to. It just happens. Oh, and I could probably tell you the difference between a rose and a tulip, but that's about as far as my 'flower knowledge' goes. What can I say? I spent too many hours cooped up at the piano as a teenager!

So, I fear that my outside paradise would look something more like this:

Haha. Some of you are laughing----my family members are probably just nodding their heads, knowing that I exaggerate only slightly :)

So, while I know my dreams of beautiful outdoor gardens are not going to come true, I do have a few simpler dreams for our yard this year. Simple, easy, yet pretty....maybe not too much for me to handle with my kiddos, and yet still add a little beauty to our yard. Here are my hopes for our yard/garden this spring and summer.

1. Order and plant a row of blueberry bushes toward the back of the yard.
2. Plant tulips around the edge of the garage and back of the house.
3. Clean out the dead leaves/foliage from under the deck
4. Plant two oval shaped, ground level flower beds to either side of the swing,
and fill them with a mixture of perennials and annuals, maybe creating a simple brick or stone walkway between them.
5. Expand the size of the vegetable garden that is here from the previous owners and plant a strong wall of marigolds around it to keep out small creatures.

And that, I think, is lofty enough ambitions for this Mama. Hopefully I have 'success' pictures to share with you later this spring/ summer :) Anybody want to share your own gardening expertise with me?

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