Saturday, March 05, 2011

Pizza Sunday

I just realized that I haven't posted all week! That's life I guess---sometimes it just speeds on by!

My husband is a wise man. I've come to realize (well, I knew it before, but now I realize it even more), that when he makes a suggestion about something, it's usually a good idea to pay attention.

Recently, I was lamenting the fact that Sunday mornings are so busy for us. One of us (Joel or I) are often at church early for worship team practice. Or, Joel is busy going over sermon prep for the morning.

That leaves the other one of us (usually me) to get the kids ready and out the door to church by ourselves. It's no easy task. Just as soon as you think you have everybody ready, you turn around, and Noah has taken all his clothes off. Or Eli has gotten the paint down without asking and is now covered in paint and needs another bath! Yeah. Sunday mornings are hard.

And, to top that all off, I was trying to put together a fancy 'Sunday dinner' for us to have after church, whether it was just our family or if we were expecting guests.

Problem is, food on Sunday is hard. It's like, you either have to put something in the crock pot to cook during church, (which, knowing my luck with crock pots, it usually burns), or you have to have something ready to put in the oven AFTER church to bake. But that's hard, because after church, everybody is starving, and doesn't want to wait for food to cook! And, besides all of that, you're running around like a chicken with your head cut off, trying to get yourself showered and dressed, four kids ready for church, a baby nursed, and food prepared.

So what's a Mom to do??!

My wonderful husband said: "Why not make pizza? Forget the big Sunday lunch, and just have pizza every Sunday. Everybody loves it, it's yummy, and it's fast".

I love that man!!

Now, here's something to note: Store-bought pizza to feed our family could be expensive EVERY Sunday, so we're mostly going to be doing homemade pizza. I'll make the crust Saturday night and stick it in the fridge, and then we'll just throw the toppings on after church and bake :) This way, I can use whole wheat flour and make myself feel a little bit better about serving my family (and any guests) pizza once a week :)

Here is a link for a basic pizza crust that works well for us. You can also make it ahead of time through the rising stage, and then refrigerate it until you're ready to bake it. Just bring it to room temp. before baking.

The more children I've added to my family, I've come to fine that simple is good. Simple is better. Simplify, Simplify, Simplify.

Your husband will be much more impressed with a simple pizza lunch AND a wife who is smiling and happy than he will be with a gourmet meal served by a frantic and grumpy woman.

Just something to think about.....

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Anonymous said...

And, by the way... it IS very good. :)

- Joel


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