Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My cozy kitchen

This note was edited after the post published: My loving husband once again caught a mistake of mine. Apparently, there is no such thing as 'rod iron'. It's 'wrought iron'. Hmmm.....and all these years, I was sure it was rod iron!

I got a new kitchen floor today!!!! (I'm just a little bit excited about it ;) My kitchen floor was one of the only things that I didn't really like about the house when we moved in. We'd been wanting to replace it since day one. By the way, have I mentioned how great my husband is? When I tell him something that's bothering me, or something that I'd like to change (like the kitchen floor!) he doesn't freak out or immediately start calculating how much it's going to cost him. He listens and considers my point of view. Then, we sit down together and talk about whether or not what I'd like to do is an option. In this case, we decided the floor WAS an option. But, I digress :) Here are 'before' pictures of my floor:

Excuse the mess in my kitchen---it was all torn apart to do the floor!

So...the kids and I left the house bright and early. I didn't want them to be around and getting in the way while the poor work guy was trying to get the floor done! Let's see, where should we go? Shopping? For 8 hours?? Definitely not. The library? Nope. Where did we end up? Grandma's house!!!

We headed over and did our school work at her house for the morning, and then did our best NOT to eat her out of house and home while we were there :) She had pancakes and eggs waiting on us when we arrived (Have I mentioned that I have the best mother-in-law imaginable?!)

Eli making some kind of craft project with their newspaper

They also lined up seats and played church

Oh, and Grandma gave Eli a hair-cut while we were there. But I don't have any pictures of that, because I was too busy trying to convince Eli to hold still and not blow his hair clippings everywhere. Man, does that boy have a head of hair!!

Anyway, when we returned home this afternoon, my husband had my kitchen put back together, and it looked something like this:

Love, love, love the tile look with my black rod iron bar stools!

I love my new floor...my kitchen...our cozy home. Wish my Mama could be here to see it!

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Elizabeth said...

Oh, Jaime. It's beautiful! Very modern and clean looking. I love it. Congratulations :)

You know, I've been thinking about your mom a lot lately and all of you. I know she too would be so happy for you and Joel and your new home and your growing family. One thing I have been amazed at these past several months is that while you and your family have been through SO MUCH, God has been so faithful at keeping you surrounded with people that love you. He is SO GOOD.....

See you tonight :)


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