Friday, March 25, 2011

Just me...being me.......

I have four children. I have been pregnant four times. They say that pregnancy kills a few brain cells. I'm beginning to think they may be right. After four babies, sometimes I amuse myself to no end with my silliness. Need proof?

This afternoon, I took Cosette to the post office to mail a package. When we got back home, I looked down, and I was wearing two different shoes. Now, grant it, they were the same general dark blue/ black color, but still....they were two different shoes! And I wore them at the same public.....gracious!

Okay, then I was out in the garage, cleaning out our traveling trash can (aka: mini van), and my husband pokes his head out the door. "Um, your piano student is here for her lesson." Me: Huh?(Totally clueless!) Joel: Um...she's waiting in the living room for her lesson. Me: OH!! I completely forgot about it!" I had forgotten to write her time-change for her lesson on my calendar, and it had completely, just......slipped my mind. So there went I, sweat-shirt clad, hair a mess, hands filthy, and nose dripping snot because it was so cold outside, to teach the lesson. Splendid, real splendid. Fortunately, this particular student's mom is a friend of mine, so no big deal :)

Okay, next story of shame....... I was putting soup on the stove for dinner. Baked potato soup. of my favorites! I had glanced in my pantry earlier in the day, and noted that I had all of the ingredients. Dinner time rolled around, my husband would be home soon, and I pull out the large container of chicken broth, only to turn it around and find out that it's......beef broth. A half hour before dinner. And the baby needs to nurse. And the kids are waking up from naps. And do I have CHICKEN BROTH?? No, of course not....I have beef broth!!

I looked at both of my boys the other day, who were misbehaving, and said in my most stern 'Mommy voice' : "Eli Shaun! Noah Jacob!" They looked at me like I had two heads. Because, wouldn't you think, naturally, that your own mother would know that your names are actually "Eli Jacob and Noah Shaun"??

The boys made a 'club-house' at the top of our stairs the other day. Well, after spending a day at Grandma's house, we were back home again and getting ready for bed. I was cleaning up the 'clubhouse' and putting everything away. I picked up a table-lamp that they had been using, and carried it down the stairs....improperly....and managed to drop it and shatter the light-bulb. Oh, and did I mention that we had just had a major thunder storm and the electricity was out? So there we were, with no lights to turn on, and a light-bulb smashed to smithereens on our living room floor. Ever try to sweep up shattered glass by the light of a flashlight? Lesson learned: Never carry a lamp by the shade!!

I'm learning that it's better just to laugh at yourself. When you wear two different shoes out in public, don't pray that nobody saw you, announce it on Facebook and give everybody a good laugh! It was almost as embarrassing as the time at college when a guy tapped me on the shoulder and said "Excuse me, do you know your jacket's on inside out??" Haha.

Have your own embarrassing story? I could go on for hours. Trust me, there's no end to my stories of shame! What can I say? I get my genes from my mama....the woman who would, inevitably, burn at least one grilled cheese sandwich every time she made them.....the woman who went around the house hunting for her glasses when they were on top of her head......the woman who reminded herself during her work day a million times to get gas on the way home, and then still ran out in the middle of the highway. I love my mama! Someday in heaven, we'll look back at our silliness and delight in the fact that we were able to leave it behind! But for now, I'll just keep laughing....


Elizabeth said...

After teasing you on facebook (well, hopefully you know I'm laughing WITH you, not really at you :) I have to admit, I've done the name mix-up more than once with my piano students!!! Especially when I'm saying their name over and over, exasperated, trying my best to get them to hear what I'm saying and stop fidgeting. Or, I have a couple cases where I teach 2 sisters and they are so close in age and look SO MUCH ALIKE that I mix their names up---that is one reason why I include their initials with the date of the assignment---so at the next lesson, I can look at the book and figure out WHO IS WHO without asking the poor kid and hurting their feelings! You would think I would know their names after all this time but sometimes I don't.

You know, I also have to say about the teaching at home---it is hard sometimes because it IS YOUR HOME after all and well, there are bound to be times when you aren't 'teaching' ready, even when it's not because of a time mix up. I get that a lot with the kids I teach at home. I'm constantly obsessing over the clean kitchen, having my hair done, etc. so when the kids come into my 'home' it feels professional. But the reality is it is your teaching studio AND YOUR home....I'm thankful most parents are very understanding of next week's bible study I'll have to tell you how my 'clean-freak' obsession may have turned out to be a good thing as I was having items STOLEN from my bathroom by a certain piano student....argh...well, this is getting too long but to sum it all up, I UNDERSTAND....and can only imagine when you've got 4 little ones to take care of plus the students and the house that it's a lot to keep track are a great mom and a great teacher and I'm sure you do all of it well! :) As you said, it's good when we can laugh at ourselves :) I do it frequently! :) ( more for next week.... remind me to tell you about how my mom and I splattered milk-shakes in the middle of the mall the other, it was NOT on purpose!

Chuck said...

definitely good to not take ourselves too seriously
I was eating tapioca pudding today and remembering a girl who liked tapioca pudding but painstakingly removed all the little "round things"
too funny

Anonymous said...

You made me laugh and laughter is good like a medicine. I agree, it is much better to laugh than to get upset. So sorry about the lamp.
Mom C


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