Tuesday, March 15, 2011


On this Tuesday evening, for me, happiness is.......

1.) Watching my sweet little one give a concert. You'll have to ignore Joel and Noah's voices in the background---they were playing a game :) I love how Leanna is so excited to be sitting at the piano like a big kid :)

And today, Happiness is....

2.) Looking forward to a date with my husband on Friday evening. Dinner? Dessert? Movie? All of the above---and we're never leaving our house! In an effort to make dates a bit more 'inexpensive', as well as avoid the need for a baby-sitter, here is our new plan for our date nights:

1. Feed the kids PB and J for dinner and put them to bed a little early.
2. Make something yummy for dinner. In this case, we'll be having frozen Stouffer's meals ( I always cook from scratch, so frozen dinners are a big treat), store-bought iced tea, and a big tub of Ben and Jerry's cream-cheese brownie ice cream :)
3. Rent a movie, or possibly borrow one from the library.

Our general details may change with each date----maybe a board game night----maybe a steaks on the grill night----maybe a sit on the porch and drink lemonade while watching the sun set night.....but, regardless of the details,.......it's a date! A Yummy date.....no babysitter required.......and all for less than 15.00! You can't beat that!

And, to conclude my 'happiness' post......

3.) My beautiful girls. Cosette said Leanna was helping her with her math :)

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