Monday, March 28, 2011

Guess whose pretty pink and green fingers these are!

Cosette's? Nope, too small.

Leanna's? Nope, too large.

Let's see, who is between Cosette and Leanna? Hmmmm.......Yep, those are Noah's fingers!!

Cosette forgot and let her finger nail polish bottles out today, and Noah just kind of... helped himself. He always wants his finger nails painted when Cosette does hers, and he cries every time when we tell him "No, boys don't paint their finger nails." Funny thing was, after he did it, he ran to me crying because he didn't want it on anymore! :)

Unfortunately, I'm completely out of fingernail polish remover at the moment.....hee hee :)

1 comment:

Contabilitatea Firmei said...

:)) My little boy did the same thins last summer. I let his red nails for 2 weeks, he don`t want to remove his color :))


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