Thursday, March 10, 2011

Catch the moment

So often, it seems, I allow myself to get all bogged down in 'what I have to do'. And, it IS true that as a mother of four little ones, there is ALWAYS something I could be doing. Sometimes I feel like I'm multi-tasking 24/7. I've got dinner on the stove, a baby on my hip, a piano student ready to come, two kids napping, another child needing my attention or help on the potty.....all at the same time. And I think......aaaghhhh!!! How many things can ONE mama do at the same time?

But then, I read a blog about a Mama whose child has cancer. I hear about an acquaintance who lost a baby. I hear about struggles that friends are going through. I remember losing my OWN Mama.

And I silly of me. How silly to get all bogged down in the things that don't matter. Well, okay, they do matter. Because my family does need dinner. And my baby does need a clean diaper. And my children do need care and 'looking after, and my house does need cleaned.....and so on and so forth.

But when I let those things suck up all my joy....instead of finding the joy in them, that's a shame. Or, when I miss the sweet moments, because I'm too busy trying to do everything perfectly. What a shame. I hear about all these sad stories....and I think about how much I miss my own Mom........and I am more determined than ever to catch every minute, to find the joy (because most of the time, the joy isn't 'hiding', I've just closed my stubborn eyes), to LOVE my family, and to serve my Jesus.

I caught a moment tonight. A moment I may have missed if I hadn't taken the time. But I took the time. And this is what I caught:

Two brothers. One who is supposed to be asleep on the BOTTOM bunk, but persists in moving up with his big brother night after night. And hey, when they're sleeping so peacefully, and causing no problems, and make for such CUTE pictures....well, who am I to argue? :)

Catch the moments. Even those moments when you're doing dirty dishes or stuck in rush-hour traffic, or some other nasty chore......find the joy. Life is so fragile, and I don't want to look back with any regrets!


Chuck said...

the pain of losing your mom is bearing the good fruit of a life well lived..
"when I miss the sweet moments, because I'm too busy trying to do everything perfectly. What a shame."

this is your message, carry it wherever you go!!

Elizabeth said...

Perhaps this is a little off the beaten path but I think it's related to what you're talking about. I had a renewed realization talking to a non-Christian friend the other day of something VERY important. I completely took for advantage that the small things, and even the big things that do bring me joy, bring me joy not because of those things by themselves but, because of the joy Christ gave me. Of course any Christian can tell you we don't always 'feel' joyful. Like you said, it's easy to get annoyed, impatient, upset, etc. (well, I'm editing your words here :) but anyways, it was like the difference between night and day to talk to this person and realize "Wow, even when my life seems mundane, I have so much more JOY because I know every seemingly little thing I do is some how part of God's REALLY BIG PLAN for my life and those around me. This sad person I talked to feels that becoming a Christian would cause her to forfeit her joy that comes from associating her entire life meaning and purpose with her career and hard-work ethic. So sad that she does NOT realize that what she holds so close to her is worthless compared the joy she could have.

And on that note, I just want to say that I'm so glad that no matter if your a wife and mom or four or a single hard-working musician, I am AGREEING with you that there is sweetness in all of life because we have Christ with us in ALL of the 'mundane' parts as well as the mile-stones.


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