Saturday, February 19, 2011


We're enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon. I started looking through some old family video clips, and was amazed at how the kids have grown! Here are a few of my favorites :) They make me smile and laugh, so enjoy! (You'll want to turn my music off at the bottom of the page before playing these!) My apologies that there aren't any of Leanna on here---all her clips are on our actual video recorder.

I thought I'd start with one from the very beginning....the little lady who made me a Mama in the first place :)

Eli's earliest version of the ABC's....I love the 'l-m-n-o-p' part :)

Noah walks! And oh, how my life changed after that!

A drum solo

A feeding gone wrong :)

More ABC's---Cosette style!

And finally, a more recent clip:

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Elizabeth said...

My second comment (in addition to the one I left on face-book earlier today) is that in addition to the adorable babies, I LOVE listening to you an Joel talk to Cosette when she was first home from the hospital. I bet the first time you hold your FIRST baby it's totally amazing :) I remember when you two let me hold her and we were ALL extra cautious that I held her head and was super careful :) I still can't believe that sleepy little baby is now reading big books and answering questions about the Holy Trinity.


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