Friday, February 11, 2011

This and That

  • Leanna has two top front teeth coming in. Cosette just pulled her fourth loose tooth all by herself, and Eli is desperately wishing for one of his teeth to become loose so he can be just like Cosette. And Joel and I just noticed the other day that one of Noah's front teeth is literally turning gray---he must have knocked it on something, but we have no idea what! Good thing it's just a baby tooth. So, we're a toothy kind of family lately :)

  • I've been feeling creative lately, and want to 're-do' the boys bed-room a little bit. It's the one main room in the house that I feel never really got 'finished' after we moved in. I'm thinking 'cheap'---like maybe some wallpaper 'theme' border, a few pictures, that type of thing. My problem is getting time to run to WalMart and pick up the stuff. Maybe someday....

  • Now that I've sewn a few things for the girls, I'm contemplating a skirt for myself....I can never find skirts that I like in the stores, so maybe I'd have more luck making one for myself.

  • Eli told me yesterday "Mama, I'll always be your boy, even when I'm a grown up man!"

  • My sister told me about these fried apples with warm gooey white sauce that Sheetz is selling now. And I really. want. some. Unfortunately, the nearest Sheetz is about 20 minutes from here, so it's not like I'm gonna just hop in the car with all four kids and run out for some. I'm trying hard not to think about them too much ;)

  • I'm reading a book that I got from one of my Mom's shelves called 'The Grace Awakening', by Charles Swindoll. I wanted to read this one right now, because I think this is something I've always struggled with----understanding and fully accepting God's grace in my life. Sometimes I think I'm still trying to 'earn' His approval, and don't really comprehend what an awesome gift He gave to us in Jesus!

  • I need to simplify the types of meals I make. I like to cook, but I often spend waaaay too much time cooking up waaaaay too complicated meals---at least, they're too complicated when you have a house full of little ones also needing your attention! Anybody have ideas for simple, healthy meals?

And I guess you could call that the 'dumping' of the contents of my mind right onto my blog :)


amy said...

20 minutes for Sheetz? That's two adventures in oddysey tapes! :-) sounds like a perfect reason to go for a car ride to me! Ours is about an hour away and i miss it so.

As for meals, I do a LOT of basic meals because my husband doesn't like his food touching :-)

So we do a lot of simple meats (grilled, crock pot, baked, etc) with baked or mashed potatoes with a veggie on the side. Can't get more simple than that - meat, starch and veggies! :-)

Amy said...

I have found that half brown rice and half white rice with almost anything added in is a great semi fast meal. You can have chicken, broccoli, and a great sauce all in one in about 40/45 mins. You have to start the brown rice and give it a 20 min head start. Joe and I have also fallen in love with the grain quenoa(keen-wa). It's a super food and is sort of a cross between Couscous and rice. And last, home made pizza with whole wheat crust is never out of style. :)


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