Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The rainbow in February

Do you ever feel kind of 'blah' at the end of February/beginning of March? March is my least favorite month. (Many apologies to my dear sister, whose b'day is in March...) I think it's because the freezing cold days of winter are over---no more snuggling under blankets in front of the fire place or boiling hot pots of soup on the stove. And yet, the warm days of summer aren't here yet either. It's chilly, dreary, muddy, messy....and, in some ways, 'colorless'. I guess I want one extreme or the other! This 'in between' stuff is....'blah'!

And, after thinking about that last paragraph, I guess life is like that too. You have the 'extreme' times---marriages, birthdays, new jobs, new babies, new houses....whatever. But then, you have the 'in between' times, where life goes on, day by day. And, if you don't watch, it can become 'blah'. You can simply miss the beauty that God has placed there in the 'every day'. The daily school work....the house cleaning....the cooking...the child care.....the beauty is all there. I just need to be aware.

And so, here is what we are looking at to brighten up our 'in between days'....until those beautiful, warm, gorgeous days of June welcome us once again....

Looked outside today while the kids were playing and saw this:

Yes, she's carrying a rainbow umbrella. No, it was not raining. I guess she's trying to chase away the February 'blahs' too :)

Can you guess what Eli is learning about this week? We had so much fun making this together this morning!

You just KNOW I must be chasing away the 'blahs' of February and bringing in some joy when I do something 'creative' :) I am NOT a 'crafty' person. So a Valentine table set with little hearts was pushing it for me ;)
And lastly, who wouldn't feel better with warm, chewy oatmeal raisin cookies?

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Anonymous said...

You are so right - this month is BLAH. We had about two days with sunshine and otherwise it just doesn't even seem to get morning all day long, we need the lights on each day and I waaaaannt sunshine.

Your blog has 'entertained' me quite a lot during the past three months, so sorry for not commenting more often, the job was just so demanding.


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