Monday, January 24, 2011

What happens around here..... documented in photos :) This is our day, Monday, January 24th

We started it off with some left-over pancakes.

As you can see, Noah didnt' mind at all that they were
leftover! You can find the yummy, healthy recipe

The boys loved each other. Not the whole day, of course.

They fought too. I just caught the loving moment for you :)

Yes, this is Noah under here. No, he is not being punished ;) He chose to stay under here for about ten minutes straight. Don't ask----I guess he was pretending to be a monkey in the zoo or something.

Cosette made a crafty flower

And of course had to be silly pretending to smell it.

Leanna took a good nap. (I think she's finally getting over
that 'no sleeping-no nursing' thing)

And now, unless you all can come up with something creative for me to make out of a jar of baby food green beans, half a container of ricotta cheese, half a tub of chocolate frosting and a flat bottle of lemon-lime soda, I think that grocery shopping is next on my agenda---yipppeee! :)

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

WOW, that fridge was SO FULL just a couple weeks ago...what happened?! :) Haaahaa :)


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