Saturday, January 08, 2011

My cute kids and another recipe link

Dinner dishes are washed; living room toys picked up; four children bathed and in bed; Joel is at an elders meeting---now, unless something unforeseen happens, I have a few minutes to myself. And what do I choose to do with those few minutes? Post pictures of my children, of course. Just like when Joel and I go on a date, we end up talking about the kids the whole time :)

Noah Shaun in Pappy Shaun's shoes

I thought that cats under Christmas trees only happened in
movies and books, didn't you?

Noah brought poor Brittany a loooooooong book. She
quickly learned the art of 'describing the pictures'
instead of reading the book :)

Just because she's so cute sitting in this rocking chair

My two silly girls

Oh, and for any of you who enjoyed my recipe links in the previous post, I have another one for you. This one is super easy, really tasty, and incredibly healthy for you too. Go here to see the recipe for sweet potatoes with warm black bean salad


Elizabeth said...

Oh yum those stuffed sweet potatoes look incredible!!! And I love the pictures, as usual :) By the way, any words of wisdom for a single person wanting to cook healthier meals while staying in a budget? I really like experimenting with new foods but I am making a real effort to be financially responsible this year and well, a lot of foods are just hard to buy cheap! Any suggestions you staple nutritious foods you stock up on...or do you actually save money buying in bulk (for a family it obviously makes more sense than an individual) or are there certain foods you just buy a few of at a time and then cook the next day (like fresh vegis)....just wondering...I'm open to anyone's suggestions.

Marsha said...

I had to laugh at the photo of the cat under the tree. One of my cats used to sleep under it and the other would climb into it to sleep. I would come home and see the limb of the tree drooping. I would look and see that little black ball of a cat curled up in the branches. LOL.


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