Thursday, January 06, 2011

I am up way too late. But evening seems to be my 'quiet' time. After everybody has gone to sleep, it is just too tempting to stay up late and enjoy the peace and quiet :)
We ate realllllly yummy food over the holidays. Roasted turkey, sweet potato casserole, oreo truffles, peanut butter balls, homemade rolls, apple cider, name it, we ate it! And it felt wonderful at the time. But then, January 2nd rolled around, the festivities were over and.....I felt 'blah'. Not sick, mind you, just 'blah'. Like, "I just spent the last two weeks eating waaaay too much junk food! It's amazing my pants even still fit!!" So, I decided to do something about it. This week is 'detox' week. I put my whole family on a no sugar/junk food diet for the week. We've done this a couple times in the past, and we always end the week feeling so much better! We don't go crazy, mind you...I'm not going to like avoid the ketchup because it happens to have sugar in it. But we are avoiding desserts and chocolates and candy and sweet stuff and soda, and sugary breakfast cereal and pancake get the picture. Not that we eat tons of that stuff anyway, but we're making a real effort to avoid it altogether this week.
Oh, and on top of that, we're trying to make sure that the things we DO eat are healthful and beneficial :) I thought you might like a peek into our recipes for the week, along with some links so you can try them yourself :) (Oh, and I have to add here that my kids have been totally great about all of this. We've done it often enough by now that they're used to the routine. They even ate pumpernickel bread with strawberry cream cheese for breakfast this morning and loved it. I did, however, catch Eli trying to stuff three Hershey Kisses into his pocket this morning at Grandma's. Oh, what the desperate won't do! ;)
So, on to the recipes........

1. First off, we tried this Italian turkey soup, and loved it! I made sure to use organic, low-sodium chicken broth, and organic spinach to boost the nutritional content. We paired it with some bread and hummus and some orange slices and we were good to go :)

2. Last night we tried this re-make of the famous TGIF's pecan crusted chicken salad. Not as impressive as the soup the night before, but still pretty good. If I made it again, I'd make a couple of changes. I would substitute feta cheese for the blue cheese, and I would just use a simple Raspberry-Vinaigrette dressing from the grocery store instead of making my own.

3. We had these banana cinnamon muffins last night as well. Oh. my. Word. Hardly any sugar in these (and I cut it down even more than the recipe asked for to stick to our goals), but you'd NEVER know it. The four extra-ripe bananas in the recipe made it plenty sweet enough!

4. And finally, I'd like to try my hand at making home made pop tarts. You might wonder what pop-tarts are doing in a 'healthy' menu, but just think---I can use whole wheat flour, maybe throw in some flax seed as well, use some Fruit-only jam, and, hey, these things are suddenly healthy! ;)

Oh, and what are snacks looking like this week? Lots of clementines (I bought a bag at the store after Noah ate a boat-load at Grandma's last week), baby carrots with dill-cucumber dip, cheese sticks, yogurt, etc.

The amazing thing is, I feel so much better already. Try some of my recipes and see if you agree :)

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Elizabeth said...


B) WE ATE SOOOOO MUCH GOOD FOOD OVER CHRISTMAS/NEW YEARS TOO.....I need to make updating my blog with some food and people pics my next goal :)

C) You AMAZE me with how creative but simple you can make your recipes...I think you should let me camp out at your house for a week and just cook with you so I can learn some of your tricks :)


D) I think I'll be following in your footsteps just as soon as the yummy share of food from my parent's house is all eaten (so as to not waste any good food :) I will be on the bandwagon with ya! :) Good news is 1/2 of what they gave me IS healthy and I haven't been grocery shopping since I got home last night just inspired me to go HEALTHY shopping today! :)


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