Saturday, January 22, 2011

A correction of sorts

My loving husband kindly pointed out to me today that I used an idiom improperly in my last post. Apparently, I should have said that life 'throws you curve balls', not 'hard balls' I always get my idioms wrong. Always. What can I say? I AM my father's daughter ;) (No comment necessary there, Dad :)

But seriously, in my defense, (and my father's defense as well), some of those idioms just don't make any sense! I mean seriously, why do we say "As easy as pie" instead of "As easy as cake?" In all of MY experience, cake is a whole lot easier to make than pie! And who thinks a curve ball sounds scary?! But a 'hard ball'? Now THAT sounds painful! Who comes up with these sayings, anyway? They really should consult me first ;)


Anonymous said...

That is so funny. I hadn't noticed the mistake. I agree. Who comes up with these things?
Mom C

Elizabeth said...

Hmm...I'm with ya' on the pie/cake thing. And the hard-ball definitely sounds fitting! However, curve-ball is more should be a hard curve ball :) OH WELL! haha :)


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