Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A balancing act

Okay, so, I vented yesterday. I mean, I really, really vented yesterday. And it felt good. I told you all at the beginning of last year that I'd be trying to 'keep it real' on here. And yesterday was very real.
But.......just so you know, I'm not going off the deep end or anything :) I vented, I shared, I complained....and now I feel better. So, lest you think that my whole life is just one stress after another, I do feel compelled to share with you some of my BLESSINGS today:) Because as much as I've felt rather 'overwhelmed' lately, I find myself just as often marveling at the good gifts God has given me. Here are a few little examples:

  • I was busy getting everybody ready for church Sunday morning. I was combing hair, changing diapers, brushing teeth. In the back of my mind, I thought "I'm gonna run downstairs in a few minutes and wash all those dirty dishes so they're not waiting on me after church." I turned the corner into the kitchen and......Whoa! Where'd the dirty dishes go?? They were all clean and neatly stacked in the drainer. My wonderful, thoughtful, loving husband had washed them all up without being asked. Seriously, ladies, isn't that about enough to melt your heart?!

  • It was two nights ago, and Leanna was wide awake at 4 a.m. There we are, trying to get some sleep, and she's as happy and alert as....I don't know, something that's happy and alert! ;) I was feeling rather at a loss as to what to do about the situation. Suddenly, she laid her little head on mine, rubbed my hair, and made this happy, contended, loving sound. And I thought "You know what? There are much worse situations to be in then cuddling with a loving baby at 4 a.m.!"

  • Noah used the potty three times this morning. That's all I have to say about that---it's a BIG victory, people!

  • Eli has been going through some kind of major growth spurt. He finishes his dinner, asks for a second helping, and then gobbles that down too. Then he looks up and says "Wow Mom, that was my most favoritest food ever!" He's gonna make some woman very happy some day!

  • And Cosette? Well, she got an easel for Christmas from her Grandpa, and she has been delighting us with all the beautiful paintings she's been making. She spent some of her saved money to buy new paint brushes and paint, and she is turning into quite a little artist. Seriously, she's really using her imagination and coming up with some pretty things! It's not unusual to find her in the school room, painting away. I'm so glad when one of my children take an interest in something 'constructive' and well worth their time!

So yes, life throws hard-balls at us. Sometimes many hard-balls at the same time.But life is a balancing act! In the midst of the hard-balls, I find many joys and smiles waiting for me. I've been neglecting my camera lately, but I'll try to get some pictures of my 'joys and smiles' soon to share with you all :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,

You may not know who I am, but I felt compelled to let a comment for you. I had friend requested you on FB, but like I said, you probably don't know me. I am Bob and Elsie Beachy's daughter. My Dad is a first cousin to your mother-in-law, so that would make Joel and I second cousins.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know how much your blog inspires me. My husband and I have three children and I homeschool all of them. I enjoy reading about your day to day things in life because I can relate to just about everything you post!

Also, my heart was breaking for you during the loss of your mother and I have prayed very much for you. Jim Yoder was my very close uncle and we lost him just about a month before you lost your mother. Reading your blog about your emotions that you have had to go through was something that somehow gave me comfort, as we have been going through similar emotions. I would tell myself on so many days that I can make it through his death if you can make it through losing your mom.

So thank you for your blog and the encouragement it brings to me and others as well. God bless you in all things motherhood!

Christine Jenkins


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