Thursday, December 09, 2010

Where I am

My women's Bible study group read Luke 1 tonight. We talked about what an awesome response Mary had when the angel told her she was going to be the mother of the Messiah. She didn't whine or complain "Why me, Lord?" "But that's not what I had in mind" No, her reply was something like "I am the maid-servant of the Lord" She was willing to accept this major, life-changing event in her life because that's what God had in store for her.

It would be so easy for us to compare ourselves, or to look at where others are in their lives, and want something different. It would be easy for me to look at my friends who are studying for their Ph.D's and think "Oh, I could have done that! I should be working that hard too." Likewise, it would be easy for them to look at their friends who have families and think "Oh, if I could only be married with a couple kids...." OR, it could be easy for all of us to look at our dear friend in the group who is headed off to be a missionary in South Africa and think "Man, if God could just use me like that"
But the truth is, God uses people everywhere, in all stations of life. Our job is to be obedient and content with where He has us now, at this point in time.
So.....where I am now is a very blessed wife and mother of four little people who make my life so full and happy. My ministry, right now, at this point in time, is to raise these children for God's glory. Oh, and I also specialize in giving lots of hugs and kisses, too. I mean, how could you not kiss these adorable cheeks?

I look at my baby next to my big girl, who not so very long ago was my baby, and think "Wow, don't want to waste even a single moment....."

And speaking of growing up, this little lady has suddenly become very mobile!

When I see my two year old, sitting on the floor, 'reading' a book to his baby sister...well, it makes me just want to stop what I'm doing and savor that moment.

Cause someday, they'll be 'big kids', and learning all about first and second positions, and a bunch of other ballet terms which I can't pronounce :)


Marsha said...

Beautifully put, Jaime! Savor these times because before you even realize it your little ones will be 18 and ready to fly from the nest. My older girl is going on 17 and it just blows my mind at how fast time flies. My baby will be in 9th grade next year. Just hard to believe.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for saying what I needed to hear Jaime. You are a good friend. :)

Anonymous said...

So true, Jaime! Sometimes 'my place' in this world does not seem like the 'right' place but I know that HE has placed me where I am and I am here because he wants me to be here.

And lovely photos as usual - your kids always make me smile!


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