Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Six Years

Cosette was my birthday girl today. Here are some snapshots of her from today, as well as a couple from the past few weeks:

New dress from Aunt Kristin

Her solo :)

Yes, all the cousins are in matching pj's :) Cosette was looking embarrassed in this
photo because we were all singing 'Happy Birthday' to her :)

Checking out her new doll house from my Dad

Stocking gifts---the best kind :)

Making marshmallow pops

When God blessed us with Cosette, he gave us a bigger blessing than we could ever deserve!
Our prayer for Cosette on her birthday is that she will continue to know Jesus better and better.
Thank you Lord, for giving us our sweet girl!

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Elizabeth said...


I didn't know pictures of a little girl could make me almost cry!! I haven't been on here in a few weeks. I was just stunned at how grown up she looks. It's like all of a sudden she just looks so much older and more mature. Her pictures with her cousins and all the others....she is not a baby anymore!!! Such a beautiful young lady and I am so happy for you and Joel to be blessed with such great kids :)

p.s.....her hair is getting looooong!! :)


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