Thursday, December 23, 2010

A buffet of thoughts

I'm trying to sort my thoughts out into an intelligent sounding post right now, and it's not working. I've got that 'It's Christmas Eve Eve' mumble-jumble in my brain. (Yes, you read that correctly, 'Christmas Eve Eve', as in, the day before Christmas Eve) Anyway, so many things I want to post about, and not sure where to start. So get ready for a strange mix of stuff:

We spent the day off from school, baking, baking, baking. Peanut butter cookies stuffed with rollos (yes, doesn't that sound wicked-good?), apple cookies with white glaze, cinnamon rolls, meatloaf--what?? We had to eat dinner too! One can't survive on just cookies, you know ;)
We got a call from my sister around 10:00 a.m. saying she was at the emergency room with my brother and that he had to have stitches. The door to their coal bin had flown shut---right into his face! He actually walked out of the hospital with a mild concussion, a broken nose, and seven stitches. We're feeling grateful this Christmas Eve Eve that it wasn't any worse than all of that!
My five year old has all of her (homemade) gifts wrapped and waiting under the tree. I have....none...wrapped. But that's okay. They'll make it under the tree before tomorrow evening :)
I'm smiling at the strange things that happen around our house. Like today, I found the pepper shaker that had been missing from the kitchen. It was under the blankets on my bed. Go figure. Oh, and when I asked Eli today what he had in his mouth, he replied matter-of-fact "My toe nail"
When asked what he hoped to find in his stocking, Noah replied "Joooosh" (Juice---his favorite thing in the world) When I suggested that maybe candy would be a less-messy option for in his stocking, he frowned and said "No, Joooosh!"
We gave Leanna rice cereal this week. She hated it. She spit it out. She gagged. She made funny faces. She stuck out her tongue. On the outside, I said "Oh, that's too bad, little girl, Mama thought you were ready for solid food" But on the inside I was thinking "That's my girl! Mama's milk is best! We're not ready for that icky other stuff yet, are we?" :) No, seriously, I think we're gonna wait until after Christmas and try again. All my other babies took to solid food without any issues, so I think maybe we'll try some smushed banana next week and give it a couple tries before we give up.
And finally, a funny story to wrap up this cluttered post. Last week, the kids had their Christmas program at church in the evening. I got out of the van, and went to take Noah's hand on the rather icy parking lot. "Here, Noah, hold Mommy's hand in case you falllllllllllllllll.......Yep, I fell flat on my face. Just as I was telling my two year old not to. That's just the kind of thing that always happens to me. Fortunately, my husband doesn't seem to mind :)
Merry Christmas Eve Eve to you all, and I'll try to post pictures from all of our festivities :)

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